The Top Neighborhoods of Park City, Utah, for 2024

This article will discuss the best places to live in Park City, Utah.

You are at home or in the office, wherever that may be.  You're considering moving to a small town in the United States for a better quality of life.  Still, you're unwilling to give up all the amenities a big city offers and possibly need to be near a reliable international airport.  TIME MAGAZINE ranked Park City as one of The World's Greatest Places of 2022:  50 extraordinary destinations to explore.

As many Park City residents did before moving to the Wasatch Mountains, you're considering the cost of living, public schools, and the distance to recreational activities such as ski resorts, golf courses, hiking, and biking trails.  I've written this quick guide to the best Park City neighborhoods because it's challenging to get a feel for the different areas of Park City since big-box online sites don't offer descriptions of communities.

Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need when considering buying a property in Park City until you get to the point where you would like to discuss the pros and cons of neighborhoods.  Call Derrik at the phone number at the top of this page when you're ready to talk.

Park City is in Summit County in Utah, where the Locals enjoy skiing at Deer Valley Resort, Park City Mountain Resort, and The Canyons Village.  In addition, park City is only minutes away from Salt Lake City for other ski resorts and amenities.  If you're considering making the Park City area home, you should know we have the best schools in the State, easy access to state parks, and a slower pace of life.  So come live life on vacation!

Where Should I live in Park City, Utah?

Please click on this link if homes in the Park City School District is one of your real estate search's most significant determining factors. 

If you're at that point where schools are not a factor and your budget is above $3,000,000, you'll want to check out the Promontory Area and Tuhaye if you're looking for Golf, plenty of amenities, and larger parcels.  On the other hand, if you are interested in extensive views and ten to fifteen minutes from Main Street, you'll be interested in Jordanelle real estate for sale.

If living near Main Street is essential, the best area to call home starts with Old Town.  First, it is downtown Park City, considered "Old Town." The Aerie area touches Old Town and offers extensive views and easy access to everything Park City offers.  Prospector will offer entry-point pricing and an excellent Park City High School location - I feel as though the Prospector neighborhood is an undervalued area of Park City.

Park Meadows is a full-time residential area within five minutes of Main Street, centered around a private golf course.  Directly to the West, the Thanynes Canyon neighborhood offers a public golf course, easy access to Park City Mountain Resort, and homes that are primarily full-time residences.  However, park Meadows and Thaynes are so close to everything Park City offers that they still work well for a vacation home.

New Construction or newly built homes in Park City tend to be the golf course communities, Canyons Village, and around the Jordanelle.  However, there are resale vacant land parcels throughout Park City that will offer you the opportunity to build the home you've always dreamt of in the neighborhood of your choice.

Park City Neighborhoods with Map

Are you looking to ready Live Life on Vacation?

Deer Valley offers large enough condos to be considered single-family homes and all different types of homes for sale.  I have clients who have purchased a second home in Deer Valley, and after two years, they sold their home in Calabasas and bought a smaller property that's used as their winter home and is closer to the grandkids.  They now enjoy their remaining months in spring, summer, and fall, soaking in the lifestyle of Deer Valley.

The Canyons is another excellent spot to Live Life on Vacation, where you'll be on or near The Canyons Ski Resort.  This area offers a mix of condos and single-family homes.  Most homes for sale in Canyons Resort will be in the luxury gated community of The Colony at White Pine Canyon.

The Canyons and Deer Valley have plenty to do year-round.  In the summer you can enjoy mountain concerts.  One of the best aspects is when there isn't snow on the ground.  You'll have fantastic hiking and biking trails out your back door.  It's a stroll into Old Town Park City from these neighborhoods.

On the other side of The Canyons, you'll find Old Ranch Road.  This premier community offers outstanding views of the ski resorts and typically has flatter parcels of land.  There is a mix of older and newer homes where the ground can be as valuable as ski-in-ski-out real estate.

A traditional way of life can be found in Sun Peak, Silver Springs, Trailside, Jeremy Ranch, Pinebrook, and Silver Creek.  Sun Peak offers outstanding views and a convenient location to Park City's heart and Kimball Junction.  Silver Springs is an entry-level neighborhood with several small ponds and where homes in Park City may sit on the Swaner Nature Preserve.  Finally, Trailside is the last area within Park City in the interior of the I-80 & HWY-40 corridor.  Trailside offers hiking and biking trails, an elementary school, and some of the best prices on homes we discussed.

On the other side of I-80, from Trailside, is Silver Creek.  Homes in the Silver Creek area are best known for their larger parcels and horse property.  However, there are some beautiful homes for sale in Silver Creek.  Glenwild is located on the backside of Silver Creek and is a private gated golf course community.  Glenwild is our purest golf community in the Park City area and the Park City school district.

Two other great communities for full-time residences are Jeremy Ranch and Pinebrook.  Jeremy Ranch offers a very affordable golf course and an easy commute to Park City or Salt Lake City.  On the other side of the road is Pinebrook.  Pinebrook also has Woodward Park City, a facility for action sports lovers.  So, if you're searching for a larger home, extensive views, and living in the mountains - Pinebrook is an excellent subdivision.

Rankings of the Best Areas to Live in Park City

Park City's neighborhoods ranked below can be found on our Park City Communities page.  Let's review where to live in Park City, depending on your budget and lifestyle.

The Best Full-Time Neighborhoods Under $2,500,000

    1.  Silver Springs
    2.  Jeremy Ranch
    3.  Pinebrook

Best Full-Time Neighborhoods Over $2,500,000

    1.  Park Meadows / Thaynes Canyon (Tie)
    2.  Old Ranch Road
    3.  Aerie

Best Park City Part-Time Neighborhoods

    1.  Deer Valley
    2.  Promontory
    3.  The Canyons Village


    1.  Pinebrook
    2.  Jeremy Ranch
    3.  Trailside

The Top Hiking and Biking Neighborhoods

    1.  Deer Valley
    2.  The Canyons, Specifically The Colony
    3.  Pinebrook

The Top Golfing Communities of the Park City Area

    1.  Promontory
    2.  Victory Ranch
    3.  Tuhaye


Let's also check out nearby options that aren't sacrifices but are a little easier on the budget.  For example, in the Heber Valley, two small towns will offer every price range and type of property you're looking for above $750,000.  In addition, Heber has incredible views of the Wasatch Mountains and Mount Timpanogos and is roughly 25 minutes from Park City.

Midway is a small dairy town transitioning into what Park City was 20+ years ago.  With approximately 50% of the community being second homeowners, it is centered around an incredible quality of life and is halfway between Park City and Provo.  We've broken down a more in-depth review of Real Estate in Towns Surrounding Park City.

Where in Park City Would I Live With an Unlimited Budget? 

I get asked this question often, and I still can't find the best answer!

QUESTION:  Derrik, where would you live if someone gave you a home in Park City that you could not sell?

ANSWER: I can make an excellent case for every neighborhood of Park City, being a perfect fit for my family.  I love Deer Valley and The Colony for many reasons.  Most of all, it is living in nature.  They are quiet and secluded, where I feel like I'm in the mountains. 

I love expansive views, so I'd choose Aerie over Old Town, but I may like some areas in Old Ranch Road or Thaynes. Sun Peak and Silver Springs are also very convenient and could work well.  I love the Mountain Ranch Estates community in Trailside and the horse properties in Silver Creek.  Without a doubt, I'd live in Deer Valley, high up in the mountains and surrounded by pine trees.

Living in the golfing communities of Promontory, Tuhaye, Park Meadows, Glenwild, and Victory Ranch are all acceptable possibilities.  Selling Park City real estate is easy for me because I love so many neighborhoods and areas of town.  I aim to help you find the shoe that fits you and your loved ones best.

In reality, everyone moving to Park City has different needs and wants.  This article shows you some of the best areas of town to help narrow your search.  I can speak with five other people telling me they want the same things on a property.  However, they choose three or four areas when we view homes for sale in different neighborhoods.  Call me when you want to understand the Park City real estate market better. 

Editor's Note: This article was initially written on MAY 25TH, 2020.  The most recent update was on February 8, 2024, to update rankings, add clarity, and add a link for Park City School District Homes for Sale.

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