Property Values in Park City and Deer Valley, Utah

When determining Park City, Utah's real estate values, you need an up-to-date analysis of relevant properties.  A "Relevant Property Analysis" is a more in-depth look at what other brokers call a "Comparative Market Analysis" or a "CMA."

The recent appreciation of Park City and Deer Valley properties can make it challenging to pinpoint an exact price at which a property will sell quickly.  Therefore, when selling a property, my goal is to balance your timeline with receiving top dollar for your property.

If you are considering selling your property in Park City,  talking with me carries no obligation, and I'll be glad to furnish all the historical sales data you need to make a wise decision.  So don't hesitate!

If you prefer, you can call me at the number at the top of this page or use our contact page.

Park City Home Value Finder

Trying to figure out the fair market value of your home or one you're interested in purchasing?  Enter your address below, where we use artificial intelligence to help gauge the property values in zip codes 84060 and 84098.  Of course, every home is unique, so it won't be perfect, but it's a simple way to start.

This system works best with houses or condos but may not be able to take your level of finishes, views, or special features into account.  Nevertheless, this is the easiest way to estimate your Park City home's value!

I often hear from the condo, home, and luxury owners curious about a realistic price range for selling their homes.  I offer a FREE professional consultation that determines the fair market value of your property in the Park City area.

What's My Home Worth Online Value Estimators may have their place to help determine the value of a home in a largely populated area where all single-family homes are built from the same materials and all views are similar.  Still, here in Park City, they are often highly inaccurate.

An online thinking machine can't consider Park City real estate value differences.  For example, views, quality of construction, ski access, school district, location desirability, if the property is within city limits, etc.  In addition, values can change dramatically by entering a gate or crossing a street.

There are too many factors that an online tool CAN NOT calculate.  Another reason you need a professional to dig in and get the data on the homes sold in your neighborhood is that Utah is a non-disclosure state where home sale prices are never public knowledge.  However, I'm happy to get you more information about the number of sales and the increase in the median price of Park City home and condominium sales.

In current market conditions, a "show-ready" home or condo will sell quicker than a fixer-upper with the potential of equity for the next homeowner.  If you are thinking about upgrades or remodels, call me, and I'll let you know if you will likely recapture your money and if the upgrades are in a style that will help sell your home quickly.

Want to know what your Park City home is worth?  Ask Derrik

Five Easy Ways to Determine Your Property's Value

  1. Enter your information above and see what the Park City property value estimator returns for a number - the easiest but least accurate way to determine your property's value.
  2. Fill out the home value estimator form below.  Then, I will enter your property's information into a global banking system to generate a more accurate value for your property in Park City, Utah.
  3. I can use the information from the form below to do a Park City MLS Relevant Property Analysis.  If I have access to photos of the property and any recent updates, this will be reasonably accurate.
  4. The best way to determine what your real estate is worth is to build on numbers two and three above.  If I can do a bit of research before viewing your property and visiting the property (home, condo, or lot), I'll be able to get a feel for the property.  Deer Valley Resort, Park City Mountain Resort, Park City, and Snyderville Basin have world-class properties that may take additional research to help arrive at the property's actual value.
  5. View the competition by viewing every Park City MLS Listing in your neighborhood

Items to Note When Submitting a Property Value Request

  • Your information is confidential and will never be sold to an outside party.
  • If you're seriously considering selling your Park City property, limit the number of real estate agents you speak with and try to hold back on items that could hurt you in future negotiations.
  • If you've been looking for a Park City real estate professional in Park City, Utah, to represent you, don't hesitate to contact me.  I will be an advocate for you!  I do not participate in Dual Agency, where the listing agent is neutral in the transaction and only a facilitator - my goal is to help meet your objectives and exceed your expectations.
  • I offer a One Day Listing Guarantee.  This guarantee is what it sounds like; you cancel your listing after 24 hours on the market without a long-term binding agreement. 
  • If you would like additional feedback on your property's value, I'm happy to have additional Park City realtors preview your home and give the perspective of a buyer's agent.

Vacant Land Values

The value of land within a subdivision such as Promontory may be much easier to determine than in the neighborhood of Park Meadows, where there are few lot sales.  I learned one thing in my college economics class: supply and demand.  The demand for building in Park City has been high for the past few years, but there are areas of town with tremendous demand but low supply.   

A while back, I sold an 8,000+ square foot ski home for around $5,000,000.  The neighboring lot was vacant, and I told my client that it could be built on or go up for sale someday.  A few months later, that lot with the same views and just a smaller acreage came for sale. 

While you would think that the land would sell for a dramatically reduced price because you still have to build a home, that wasn't the case.  The supply for priced parcels is deficient and that particular lot sold for over $ 4.2 million.  That was an extreme example, but it shows the complexities of pricing land sales in Park City.

The Best Way to Find Park City Real Estate Values

The most accurate way to find your home's value is the Old Fashioned Way by us doing the work.  This process is more complicated than some websites make it seem.  Zillow uses Automated Valuation Models that can help get a general idea.  Still, because Utah is a non-disclosure state, these websites can't view information such as sales records.  Zillow's CEO may have shown this best when he sold his home for 40% less than the Zestimate.

When an excellent view can be worth 20% to 30% and ski-in-ski-out access is worth millions of dollars - it's vital to know your property's value.

When determining Park City property values, it is essential to use recently sold data coupled with market trends to find your fair market value.  By combining this information and in-depth knowledge of every Park City neighborhood, Derrik Carlson and his real estate team can find the most accurate estimate for your home's selling price.

Best Park City Realtor to Sell My Park City Property?

So you're starting to think about selling your Park City or Deer Valley Property?  The Carlson Real Estate Team offers the ultimate exposure to thousands of possible buyers using our Park City buyers database.  We target market to buyers online through the MLS, online marketing and advertising (how you got to this page), newsletters, direct mail, technology no one else is using to market properties online, and excellent relationships with the real estate brokerage community.

Your listing will feature professional photography and virtual tours to help out-of-town buyers better understand your property.  In addition, our sales office is staffed for daily property tours.

While we don't give away all our secrets to how we market our listings, feel free to read more about it on our Park City Home Sellers Page. Then, give us a call to discuss your Park City property's value!

Derrik Carlson and his team members are National Association of Realtors members and adhere to the Realtor code of ethics.