Why I Offer a One-Day Listing Guarantee*

Several years ago, I had several rental properties out of state that I wanted to sell.  I contacted an agent and engaged him to sell my properties.  Naturally, I did my due diligence as well as I could.  During our initial interview, I asked the agent about his experience.  Next, we talked about what he thought separated him from the pack.  Finally, I asked how he planned to market the properties.  I was satisfied enough with his answers to engage him on the only terms available, a 12-month listing agreement.

However, within days, I learned he had only told me what I wanted to hear.  He had no intention of following through on his promises.  I soon became frustrated that he felt his job was finished once the home was on the MLS and a sign was up in the yard.

He didn't hustle to get the property in front of buyers.  He stopped giving me updates regarding what was happening with my property's sale, essentially leaving me in the dark.  He quit selling the day he got the listing. 

With the contract in place, my hands were tied.  So, I started wishing for a "you fire me" clause in the contract.  And I decided I wanted a clause that could give that protection to every seller I represent.

What is the One Day Listing Guarantee?

This guarantee is exactly what it sounds like.  Unhappy for any reason?  You, the property owner, can cancel your listing after 24 hours on the market.  There is no long-term binding agreement that could potentially force you to sell your home even if you've decided not to move.

What's the Catch? 

There is no catch. We believe in our ability to sell your property.  Therefore, we will prepare your property marketing launch with no upfront fees, and you can still get out of our contract after just one day on the market.

Even with all the proper marketing, selling your home can take more than a day, a week, or a month+.  But, I believe you will be so impressed with our service that we'll only part ways when you drive away in the moving truck.

My Results with the One-Day Listing Guarantee

When I first implemented my One Day Listing Guarantee, I thought five to 10 percent of sellers would fire me just because they could.  However, not one seller has ever fired the Carlson Real Estate Team.  (A little side note: please don't sign up so that you can be the first person to fire me!) 

Most homes will not sell on the first day they are listed.  However, our listings consistently sell for more money in a faster time frame than the market average.  We believe you'll soon know our expertise and commitment and will trust us with the time it takes to sell your property.

Are you ready to sell?  Please send us a quick note below to set up a meeting time.  You can also call or text me any time at 435-200-5478.  We are ready to work with you.

* As long as you are not under contract or negotiating with a buyer, you can cancel our listing agreement anytime without any fees or penalty.  

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