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What Makes Derrik & Co. Exceptional at Selling Real Estate in Park City

The Story of Park City Real Estate Agents Providing Something Better when Representing Buyers and Sellers:

Derrik Carlson has put together a Top Real Estate Team of Realtors to provide market experience with entrepreneurial innovation for buyers and sellers in Park City, Utah.  We are a data-driven, passionate, creative, and understanding group with grit.  We understand that business is earned, and we aim to earn your business for life by delivering results.  An office motto is, Your success defines our success.

When Derrik started growing the team of Park City Agents, he was selective—searching out agents who wanted to win at a very high level.  But, of course, high integrity was a must, and team members had to be focused on the client's and team's success rather than their own.  (scroll down to continue reading)

What Makes Us Exceptional at Selling Real Estate in Park City continued.

On this Park City real estate team, The philosophy will always be: If you take care of the client, the business will take care of itself.

We strive to be transparent when offering insider information to buyers and sellers—helping them make the wisest decisions throughout a real estate transaction.

When marketing Park City properties for sale, our procedures and follow-up are hyper-focused on finding the buyer who will most likely purchase the property.  We do this with the Diamond Marketing Platform, which couples digital and print marketing with extreme follow-up.  As a result, we have a database of over 10,000 people who have searched for real estate in Park City or Deer Valley - we want to get the best properties in front of the right buyers as quickly as possible.  This can mean a preview before a listing hits the Park City MLS for buyers. 

The Carlson Real Estate Team helps buyers and sellers in Park City.  Our team primarily focuses on luxury, ski, golf properties, and second homes.  We also have an excellent track record when working with Park City investors. 

Building a Top-Performing Real Estate Team

Park City didn't need another real estate brokerage.  There was a need for something different, something more, something that no other brokerage was offering.  Clients needed something that combined imagination and hard work, leveraging digital technology.  At the same time, our goal is to keep the old-fashioned face-to-face connections.

The team's expansion was born from the global pandemic when it saw room for improvement in the genuine service clients deserve.  When other Realtors and brokerages pulled back, we forged forward - full steam ahead.  We're building on the success of being a top-ranked sales team in Park City, Utah.

We are doubling down while the Park City real estate market finds its new normal after the COVID-19 boom.  We have implemented state-of-the-art marketing, technology, and extreme follow-up.  The marketing and follow-up take more time and energy than other agents don't want to do or aren't constant enough to pull it off.  In this, we see opportunities where others do not.

We have expanded our marketing team to implement more quality content, branding services to push what we have to offer buyers and sellers, an unparalleled platform and strategy (Diamond Marketing Platform) when representing sellers, become certified negotiation experts for buyers and sellers, plus paid to be with some of the top minds in luxury real estate to refine our practices.

The Brief Story of Building our Real Estate Team - The Best People Possible

When he decided to grow the team, Derrik Carlson was ranked #35 out of 180,000 agents for Keller Williams nationally.  He first brought Holly in for marketing and database management.  Next, Grayson West partnered with the team when the marketing started working so well that the team could continue to grow and expand.  Grayson is a long-time Park City resident with a journalism and videography history to help buyers add a different point of view to marketing.  He has represented luxury clients and specializes in assisting Park City Real Estate Investors in selecting the right property for their needs.

Derrik, Holly, and Grayson focus on working with the best people in the world.  If there's anything they can do to help, contact The Carlson Real Estate Team.

Real Estate in Park City Business Divisions

Do you know anyone in Park City with professional experience in the below departments?  In that case, we always look to expand, refine, and improve our processes with new hires.

◉ Sales Department includes Derrik and Grayson to help buyers and sellers with their real estate needs in Park City, Utah, and the surrounding area.
◉ Marketing Department - helps attract the right type of buyers and sellers.
◉ Business Development - expanding the team in the right direction to help others
◉ Web Development Team / Online Advertising - ensuring the website looks excellent and technology continues to be cutting edge.
◉ Transaction Coordinator - ensuring all contracts are reviewed and deadlines are kept.
Builder Services Division - introducing buyers to builders, architects, designers, etc., to make the building process as simple as possible.
◉ Client Concierge - currently hiring
◉ Photography - real estate photography for listings and website

Realtor Responsibilities

◉ Present offers for buyers and sellers
◉ Prepare documents and counteroffers
◉ Negotiate prices and terms
◉ Deliver Seller Property Condition Disclosures
◉ Compare and contrast relevant properties
◉ Advise clients on current market conditions, prices, and related matters
◉ Follow up with current and past clients
◉ Develop high-quality marketing ideas for the marketing team to implement
◉ Preview and show properties to buyers
◉ Attend seller showings
◉ Make sure reminders for important contract dates are set
◉ Coordinate closings
◉ Attend real estate training events always to be the best we can be

Real Estate Agent Skillset Requirement

◉ Responsiveness to clients and the team
◉ Integrity, Honesty, and Grit
◉ Always be learning
◉ Knowledge of the current real estate market and purchase process
◉ Negotiation strategy for contracts
◉ Communication skills

We Would be Honored

If you're considering buying or selling properties in Park City, we would be honored to be your real estate agent.  We have a powerful way of doing everything regarding real estate, but we do it for the client as we would for our family.  While we have always believed that we can't twist someone's arm to buy or sell homes or condos, we want to be there when you're ready. 

We've learned to balance follow-up with patience, so when you're ready, reach out to us, and we'll ensure you are on the right track for a successful real estate closing in Park City, Deer Valley, or the surrounding area.