A Simple Solution Building a Custom Home in Park City, Utah

KEYPOINT: With the Park City Home Builder Services for Buyers Program, we want to help you make building a home easy.

The Carlson Real Estate Team has partnered with a local home builder to provide the best experience when building your dream home in Park City, UT.  We have heard story after story about how frustrating building a dream home is in the current construction environment.  As Park City Realtors, we have sold new construction on the MLS, worked with developer sales, and even found off-market parcels for our clients.

Park City, Utah Home Builder Program

Our Home Builder Program is a solution that will make the home-building process as simple and organized as possible, allowing you to have the highest quality home for fair value.

The builders we recommend have specialized in custom homes for years and understand the challenges of building in Park City and surrounding areas.

The Process of Building a Home in Park City

You'll need to contact us first to discuss what you're looking for in a property and the vision for your Park City lifestyle.  We will also discuss the cost of building a home in Park City, Utah.

Next, we help you find the right community and location for your dream home to narrow your search quickly.  We will then put you in touch with the high-quality builder so you can discuss what you're looking to build - bed, bath, budget, style, etc.  We have several different architects for you to choose from and can recommend who might fit your needs the best based on architectural style and budget.

Once we find you the perfect fit for the Park City land for sale, we work with top title companies to ensure you'll receive all the covenants, conditions & restrictions (CC&Rs), building design guidelines if applicable, and clear title.  Free of any encumbrances such as judgments, liens, encroachments, and you will know if there are any easements.  We also work with the best appraisers to provide the property's actual value if you pay cash for the parcel of land.

Call a Park City Realtor to Help Find a Builder

Our job is to help find excellent properties for great people and solve problems!  If you're searching for a Park City General contractor, our services are an all-in-one package that allows the building process to be as simple as possible.  The builder we've chosen to partner with has done an extensive remodel for Derrik, worked for multimillion-dollar clients, built luxury homes for some great friends, and has provided a terrific product at an excellent value.

Several years ago, Derrik wanted to put a builder services package together, but at that point, he didn't have a complete team - the kind of people you can recommend and know that the client would be treated the same way we treat clients.  With the team we've put together, we can go from the idea of building in Park City to you moving into the home your custom home.

Why Work With Us

When buying a parcel of land, you have options for representation.  Typically, the seller pays the buyer broker fee, so there isn't an additional cost to the buyer.  There are over 1,000 other agents for you to call, and by the depth of our website, you can see that we work hard to show our expertise in local real estate.  Not only is our market knowledge outstanding, but other real estate agents and teams have not built out a program to help assist you in this process.  We have done this because we plan to be in the Park City market for many years.

Buyers can also go directly to the developer's sales team.  In this scenario, the agent's main boss is the developer.  The developer's agent may be compensated differently to sell you the developer real estate rather than all the listings on the Park City MLS.  We want to ensure you purchase the property that best fits your desires and needs.

Why Would a Realtor Put a Builder Team Together?

In a market where new construction can be expensive and challenging, we saw an opportunity to assemble a complete real estate building team to provide a better consumer experience while offering a better overall value than the open market. 

People looking to build a home need to find a real estate solution that fits their needs at a great value, but typically the process is fragmented - we solve that problem!

The goal is to have this program create more business through selling more land sales and with repeated business.  In addition, we want to provide a better overall experience with tips to finance new construction and added value for people when building a custom home in the Park City area.

Popular Neighborhoods in Park City, Utah, for New Construction