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So, why would you work with the seller's agent?

When you call the number on the listing sign in front of the house you are calling the real estate agent representing the seller.  Their job is to sell their client's house for the highest price possible.  When you are buying a house it is in your best interest to find a local Park City Realtor who will represent you and your interests exclusively.

Misconception 1: A buyer's agent is expensive

Reality:  Buyer representation is FREE to the buyer.  The seller agrees with the listing Realtor and their brokerage to pay a total commission.  When the seller's agent enters the property on the MLS, they are agreeing to cooperate with any Realtor working with a buyer.  The buyer's agent is paid a portion of the total commission agreed on between the seller and seller's Realtor/brokerage.  

Misconception 2:  I will save money if I do the legwork myself.

Reality: If you were to call each seller's agent for them to show you the home, you would have to work around their timeline.  A buyer's agent will be able to coordinate multiple showings in a shorter period on your timeline.  You will also not save any money using this method because the total commission has already been agreed to be paid to the seller's agent by the seller.  You don't gain anything setting up your own showings.  What does the seller's agent gain?  Double commission while upholding their fiduciary responsibility to the seller and providing you without any representation.    

Misconception 3: All the information I want is on Zillow and Trulia.  Why would I want a buyer's agent?

Reality: Yes, there is an abundance of information on the internet; however, when you are about to make one of the largest investments of your live, you need more than information.  You need knowledge.  A local Realtor will be able to give you true comparable properties, recommend negotiation strategies and recommend a price point to submit your offer based on recent data.  Once a property is under contract a buyer's agent will suggest lenders, inspectors and title companies.  A good buyer's agent will get you from contract through escrow seamlessly while watching contract details, timelines and keeping your earnest money safe.  Another drawback with the large online real estate websites is that their listings are not up to date.  They can be as much out of date up to 4 months.  So, a home you might have fallen in love with online may have been sold 3 months previously.  My website is updated every 15 minutes directly from the Park City MLS to avoid these problems.  

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