International Buyers

Starting your Search

There are 2 ways to best start your search.  1)  Search on this very website,  In Park City, all new real estate listings are posted on the Park City Multiple Listing Service within 3 to thirty-six hours.  The MLS ensures all listings are available to all brokers within minutes of being uploaded.  It may take as many as 72 hours for some sites to syndicate listings, but refreshes EVERY 15 MINUTES to be current.  2) Let me do the work for you.  Once you let me know what you are looking for I can do the leg-work for you and send you only the most relevant properties so that you are not spending hours sorting through hundreds of listings.  There are also times that I can find properties for you that aren't currently on the MLS.   

The Commissions:  What do I charge?

In the Park City area, commissions are typically paid for by the seller and split equally between the buyer’s and seller’s brokers.  Often, buyers don’t have to pay an agent working for them as a buyer’s agent. It is always advised to work with an experienced agent to help negotiate and protect your interests.  

Identification Documentation:

To purchase a property you’ll  need to be able to prove who you are.  You do not need to be a citizen of the United States to buy property here, but you will need an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).

Type of Property:

There are several different types of real estate properties to choose from around Park City.  You may consider single family homes, condominiums, land, or commercial property for different reasons.  You may want to consider a single family home if you enjoy entertaining and have a large amount of guests visit.  Condominiums are low maintenance and many can be rented out nightly to offset some of your holding costs.  Land typically is purchased for speculation and where one believes the market will be in ten to twenty years.  Lastly, commercial property is not abundant in Park City but as our economy continues to grow there could be a greater need for commercial property.

Financing Your Purchase:

It is often challenging for international buyers to finance properties but over the past few years options have become more readily available.  For financing questions please contact Dustin Carlson at (888) 201-1332 - you may also contact any lender or broker of your choice.  It was reported by the National Association of Realtors in 2014 that 60% of international buyers paid cash while, 38% secured a mortgage, and 2% of transactions were unknown.

Tax Specialists, Rental Income, & the IRS:

It is highly advised that you consult with a tax specialist in the state of Utah, a tax specialist in your country of citizenship, and review the IRS’ website.  If you intend to pay cash, talk to your tax specialist about setting up a Limited Liability Company also known as an LLC.  A limited liability company may have some tax benefits for you.  

You Do Not have to be in Park City to Close on your Property:

When buying a property in Utah you do not have to physically be here to close.  You may select a representative to have a “Power of Attorney” and close on your behalf. 

Work with a Professional Realtor

There is a great advantage when working with a local agent and a local company when buying real estate in Park City.  Park City offers many custom homes in small neighborhoods that often require in depth analysis to arrive at a true sales price.  Park City is one of the most complex real estate markets for it’s population because of the different product types : ski-in ski-out properties, golf course properties, small old town homes, condos, lakeview, 10,000+ sq ft homes, luxury homes, and ultra luxury homes, etc.

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