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KEYPOINTS: This page provides in-depth information about Deer Valley properties for sale. Including homes, condos, the Deer Valley Resort area neighborhoods, and the newest and best real estate listings.  

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Whether you're seeking a ski-in-ski-out vacation home or a luxurious condo nestled in the mountain with spectacular views, Deer Valley homes and condos have all your bases covered. We show every property available on the Park City Multiple Listing Service. 

The Four Real Estate Deer Valley Areas

Choose from Deer Valley's four distinct areas that make up this one-of-a-kind resort. Experience Park City and Summit County life with Utah skiing and mountain biking.

Deer Valley Resort Area is in Park City, Utah, United States. The ski resort has continued to expand over the past several decades and encompasses the following four unique areas of real estate.

When buyers start their real estate search, they search for properties all over the Deer Valley Resort area. We can quickly help you narrow your search with a ten-minute phone call. Depending on if you are looking for direct ski access, extensive views, newer construction, or a value / remodel.

We have worked with clients that have been undecided about purchasing a property in Deer Valley for ten years because they couldn't find the right fit. In two days, we've narrowed their search and provided enough information to make a decision - many years later, they continue loving where they live.

Use the bold links below to search for real estate in the different areas of Deer Valley. Here we provide you the ability to research subdivisions to find the best luxury ski property that suits your needs. 

  1. Upper Deer Valley comprises 35 subdivisions in the Silver Lake area, close to various restaurants, shops, and renowned lodges. In addition, many properties have premiere ski access to America's top mountain ski resorts.
  2. Lower Deer Valley includes 30 subdivisions at the base of Deer Valley Resort. This area of DV provides excellent views, and it is easy to walk to downtown Park City. This area of Deer Valley offers single-family homes as well as condos.
  3. Deer Crest offers ski-in-ski-out access for nearly all the properties for sale, excluding Snowtop. Homes and condos offer stunning views of Bald Mountain and Jordanelle Reservoir with easy access to Park City and the Salt Lake City International Airport. Contact us to discuss new development opportunities for condos in Deer Crest.
  4. Empire Pass is a master-planned community and the newest neighborhood in the Deer Valley resort area. Aside from ski homes, Empire Pass offers the Talisker membership that provides access to the Talisker Club, shuttle service, and amenities in Tuhaye, including golf.

Refine Your Deer Valley Home and Condo Search

Deer Valley boasts plenty of choices for incoming buyers, from luxurious ski-in-ski-out single-family homes to condos and vacant lots. Deer Valley condos for sale feature more amenities than you'd expect from a condo, including beautiful restaurants, spas, swimming pools, and abundant meeting spaces.

Since many Deer Valley homes and condos are ski-in-ski-out, they intermingle with the resort. As a result, this area is known for its outstanding amenities, like free parking lot shuttles, ski valets, world-class cuisine, ski storage, ski lessons, and childcare.

Deer Valley Sales Trends Review: 2019 - 2021 

Deer Valley PaintingDeer Valley has always been great to The Carlson Real Estate Team, as selling ski properties is a large portion of our sales. But, of course, that might be because we love the homes and condos in Deer Valley so much!

When comparing the data from 2019, 2020, and 2021, the number of transactions has continued to climb, and days on the market dropped. The average Park City was $3,622,223 for 2021 & they ranged from $565,000 to $19,500,000.

Below are the total Deer Valley sales numbers for all Park City real estate brokers for 2019, 2020, and 2021.

Deer Valley Sales Statistics 2021: 

  • Total Dollar Volume: $981,622,616
  • Number of Transactions: 271
  • Highest Sales Price: $19,500,000 (Deer Crest)
  • Lowest Sales Price: $565,000 (Courchevel)
  • Average Sales Price: $3,622,223
  • Average Days on Market: 80
  • What Percent of Buyers in Deer Valley Pay Cash or 1031 Exchange: 66%
  • Number of 2021 foreclosures in Deer Valley: 0

Real Estate Statistics 2020: 

  • Total Dollar Volume: $686,726,555
  • Number of Transactions: 246
  • Highest Sales Price $9,500,000
  • Lowest Sales Price: $474,500 (Fractional)
  • Average Sales Price: $2,802,965
  • Average Days on Market: 135.4
  • What Percent of Buyers Pay Cash: 53%
  • The Number of Short Sales or Foreclosures in Deer Valley: 0


  • Total Dollar Volume: $405,619,744
  • Number of Transactions: 155
  • Highest Sales Price $23,750,000
  • Lowest Sales Price: $695,000
  • Average Sales Price: $2,616,902
  • Average Days on Market: 221 
  • What Percent of Buyers Pay Cash: 59%
  • The Number of Short Sales or Foreclosures in Deer Valley: 0

Life in Deer Valley

Deer Valley Ski HomeNaturally, the homes and condos for sale in this area offer plenty of entertainment for ski fanatics and lovers of the outdoors. DV is proudly known as 1 of 3 skier-only ski mountain resorts in North America because it features excellent slopes, long views, five-star customer service, and delicious food.

Residents flock to their Deer Valley vacation homes in the summertime to experience 55 miles of superb hiking and biking trails. Complete with areas to enjoy horseback riding, paddle boarding, and concerts at the amphitheater.

Even when you feel you are at the world's top in Red Cloud, you will always be a stone's throw from many local amenities. For example, the homes for sale in Deer Valley are just 5 minutes from dining and shopping on the world-famous historic Main Street in Park City. Main Street is known for its highly acclaimed restaurants, nightclubs, and shopping opportunities.

Deer Valley is also situated 40 minutes from Salt Lake International Airport and less than 20 minutes from Park City Hospital. There are plenty of options onsite or just minutes away from homes for sale in Deer Valley for all your grocery needs.

Are you interested in previewing homes and condos in the Deer Valley resort area with a real estate professional? Contact Derrik Carlson today to discuss the best real estate options for you when buying real estate in the Park City area. We also have access to off-market real estate opportunities if you want to dig deeper for real estate in Deer Valley.

New Condo Developments in Deer Valley, Utah

Deer Valley New Condo DevelopmentsOver the past several years, there have been six significant new condo developments in Deer Valley Resort Area. All seven real estate developments offer a high level of amenities and ski-in-ski-out access to the ski runs of Deer Valley. 

The area offers excellent summer and winter experiences with fantastic views. There is onsite management to help rent your property and provide a ski valet. Unfortunately, the supply of new construction within Deer Valley is low, while demand has remained extraordinarily high for several years. The development may have already sold out, but the latest new condominium development in Deer Crest will be your best option for an upcoming opportunity.   

  • Empire Residences is currently under construction and offers twenty ski-in-ski-out luxury residences at the base of the Silver Strike Chairlift in Empire Pass.
  • Goldener Hirsch is on the last remaining development parcel in Upper Deer Valley's Silver Lake Village. 
  • One Empire Pass consists of 27 individual residences with large glass windows and fantastic views of Old Town and Empire Pass.  
  • Argent will be ready for the 21/22 ski season that offers residences of 1,627 sq ft to over 4,000 sq ft. 
  • St. Regis & St. Regis Snowpark:  The St. Regis hotel sits within the Deer Crest community, and access may be from Lower Deer Valley or the resort's backside via Hwy-40. 
  • Stein Eriksen Residences offers 39 condominiums and 15 contemporary mountain homes in Upper Deer Valley. 
  • Sommet Blanc Deer Valley is the last development in Empire Pass. It consists of 54 condominiums and six townhomes with excellent ski access.

How to Get the Best Deal on a Ski Home or Condo

Deer Valley is the most expensive area for real estate in Utah but still a much better value than some other high-end ski towns. You'll notice that the sales process may take a bit longer here, and in reality, no one has to buy, and no one has to sell - but everyone wants to be here! 

As a Deer Valley Realtor, I've had great success getting the best deals for my clients by going after older listings that have been on the market for a while and may need some remodeling. Often after the home sits for a time, the seller is willing to negotiate the contract terms more in the buyer's favor. 

I have a great contractor I work with and several interior designers that can help take a tired property to a "like-new" property. You can buy a property in one of the best locations and add your personal touch! We recently finished a remodel on a home in The Bald Eagle Club for clients that purchased a ski-in-ski-out home and wanted their own by changing the kitchen around a bit, updating the color scheme, and new tile in the bathrooms. 

I helped a client purchase a three-bedroom condo in Deer Valley a little while back. The client used my recommendation for a top local contractor and interior designer to remodel this 1980s condo. The remodel included paint, a full kitchen update, and railing, which added instant equity to the owner's vacation property.

Several months later, we put the property on the market with a substantial margin and received a full-price offer. So the moral of this story is if you find an older condo that needs remodeling, we can make it feel like new again, no matter how big or small the job.

Why I Love Deer Valley Real Estate

As we all know, there are some significant areas and neighborhoods to live in in the Park City area, but Deer Valley is a personal favorite. So, after much thought and consideration, my answer is this - I love the peacefulness and quiet nature of Deer Valley and the long views of Park City and the Unita Mountains from Deer Valley. When you are in Deer Valley, there is a peacefulness, a calm that you only get when in the mountains.

I love being in the forest, listening to the birds chirp, the sound of the wind rustling the leaves of the aspen trees, and the smell of the giant pines in Upper Deer Valley. I love being in Deer Crest, overlooking the Jordanelle Reservoir for the forever views. We enjoy photos of the leaves changing color in Empire Pass every year. Lastly, the summer concerts or walks around the small lakes in Lower Deer Valley.

Deer Valley Resort Area REALTOR®

Let our Deer Valley real estate agents guide you through the dynamic home and condo market of Deer Valley. As seasoned Realtors in Deer Valley, stories have taken place over the years, the ability to search for off-market properties, and we show you every property currently listed by every real estate broker in Park City.

Our goal is to provide you with information about the area to earn your business when the time is right for you to buy or sell a ski property. Derrik Carlson has created a marketing machine to help clients get the best deal on real estate in the Park City area.

Try our advanced Park City MLS search, where you can effortlessly search & filter properties by location, price, amenities, and more to find what you're looking for in a Deer Valley Property.

Deer Valley Resort Area Frequently Asked Real Estate Questions [FAQS]

Deer Valley Elevation? 

The base altitude of Deer Valley Resort is 6,570 feet above sea level, the elevation in the mid-mountain area, commonly known as Silver Lake Village, is 8,100 feet, and the altitude at the Empire summit is 9,570 feet. Red Cloud is the highest neighborhood of the four different areas in elevation.

Do real estate owners have special privileges to snowboard at the resort? 

The resort only allows skiers. However, other areas and resorts in the Wasatch Mountains allow for snowboarding. Visit Utah and enjoy the Wasatch front ski resorts of Alta, Brighton, Snowbird, and Solitude. You can also stay local and pick up lift tickets for Park City Mountain or Woodward Park City.

What are the benefits of the local lifestyle

Park City has a more temperate climate and is much easier to get to than many other ski towns, and Utah has The Best Snow on Earth. Depending on the year, Deer Valley is the top resort for large groups of people of all ages. In comparing the alternative to other local resorts, Deer Valley takes great pride in its ski runs to ensure everyone enjoys the mountain.  

What type of properties are available for sale?

Deer Valley offers many options if you're in the market for a ski property. There are homes, condos, stacked condos, land, and fractional ownership. Properties can be "in the trees" or offer long views of the Park City valley or Jordanelle. Different settings work great for everyone, with four primary areas of Deer Valley.

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