Velvære at Deer Valley Real Estate Information & MLS Listings

KEY POINTS: Information about the new wellness community of Velvaere, Utah.  This neighborhood offers ski-in-ski-out access to the New Deer Valley Expansion at Mayflower Mountain.

On this page, you can read about homes for sale in Velvaere and the wellness amenities offered when owning here.  Enjoy viewing the most recent Velvaere properties for sale on the Park City MLS.  (pronounced vel-vair)


Velvaere Park City Development Information

The Velvaere offers 115 custom residences - cabins (12), single-family homes (68), and custom estates (35).  Residences range from 2,000 to 8,500 square feet.  This new real estate community has been designed around the well-being of the mind, body, and soul wellness.  Overlooking the Jordanelle Reservoir, the location is 60 acres on the back side of the Deer Valley Resort Area

Floorplans emphasize multi-functional total health and wellness spaces, providing spaces for yoga, riding the Peloton, or home massages.  In addition, buyers can customize wellness features based on owner preferences.

Completion of the first residences is expected in 2024.

This luxury real estate development is built within Extell's Deer Valley East Village, Utah's new ski resort at Mayflower Mountain Resort.  The resort offers 4,300 acres of year-round activities, such as skiing, and over 50 miles of hiking and biking trails.  Velvaere's vision centers around a holistic and active lifestyle.

Residences will have access to sanctuary spaces, including Cryotherapy, steam rooms, saunas, therapy plunge pools saunas, home light therapy, Fitness, and much more in the 20,000-square-foot Wellness Center.  In addition, a 15,000-square-foot Adventure Center provides additional amenities such as an outdoor pool, hot tub, market, restaurant, rooftop bar, and gear storage.

Velvaere Deer Valley Property Details: Cabins, Residences, and Estate Homes

Below, we review the ski-in-ski-out homes of the Velvaere Cabins, Residences, and Estate Homes.  Details include bedrooms, bathrooms, and square footage.


Velvaere offers twelve cabin options, each with three bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms, ranging in square footage from 2,000 to 2,300.  The cabins are in a chalet style, with detached and paired floorplans.  The interior design is pre-selected and is located across the street from the Wellness Center.

Fully managed and maintained exteriors and landscaping for a maintenance-free homeowner experience.


The Residences at Velvare will include 68 properties with a pre-selected design of four to five bedrooms and three and a half to five bathrooms and range from 2,700 to 5,100 square feet.  Six unique floorplans offer uphill and downhill options with ski access to Mayflower Mountain Resort.  The exteriors are fully maintained, and every home has a private wellness sanctuary.

Estate Homes

There will be 35 single-family homes with five or more bedrooms ranging from 6,000 to 8,500 square feet.  The homes will sit on .29 to 3.3 acres and have various views.

The pre-designed and custom single-family home floor plans offer lots with ski access and luxury finishes.  The home exteriors, including landscape maintenance, are fully maintained and easy to own.  In addition, the homes in Velvaere are designed around exterior and interior wellness opportunities, including a personal wellness sanctuary.

Graph of Available Options for Sale at Velvaere

Overview # of Residences Bedrooms Square Feet Total
Cabins 12 3 2,000 to 2,300
Residences 68 4 to 5 2,700 to 5,100
Estate Homes 35 5+ 6,000 to 8,500
# Total 115    

Timeline for Delivery:

  • Cabins: Construction for the cabins has begun.
  • Residences: Construction on the residences' first phase has started and is expected to be completed by mid-2024.  Subsequent phases will have a delivery timeframe of 12-14 months.
  • Estate Homes: The estate homes will have a delivery timeframe of 24 months from the start of construction.
  • Adventure Center: The Adventure Center is expected to be delivered in the 24/25 winter season.
  • Wellness Center: The Wellness Center is expected to be delivered in the 25/26 winter season.
  • Velveare Chairlift: The Velveare Chairlift is expected to be delivered in the 24/25 winter season.
  • Mayflower Resort Base: The Mayflower Resort Base is expected to be delivered in the 24/25 winter season.

Ski-In-Ski-Out Lots for Sale at Velvaere

Are you dreaming of a mountain getaway that's not just a vacation but a lifestyle?  Velvaere's ski-in-ski-out estate lots are your golden ticket to the ultimate alpine experience.  Velvaere offers prime real estate with immediate access to the slopes of Deer Valley with breathtaking mountain and water views in the heart of an exciting ski resort expansion.  This is your rare chance to create a tailor-made dream home with the builder of your choice in a community that promises an extraordinary lifestyle.

Why Choose Velvaere Estate Lots:

Ski-In-Ski-Out Bliss: Picture stepping out your door and gliding right onto the ski slopes.  Velvaere's ski-in-ski-out estate lots make this dream come true, providing convenience and instant access to thrilling skiing and snowboarding adventures.

Mesmerizing Views: Velvaere's location is nothing short of awe-inspiring.  The estate lots offer captivating views of towering mountains and tranquil water bodies, ensuring you wake up to natural beauty every day.

Builder Freedom: Velvaere understands everyone has a unique vision for their dream home.  That's why they offer you the freedom to work with your custom home builder.  You can turn your architectural dreams into reality, showcasing your style and preferences.

Top-Notch Amenities: Velvaere is more than just skiing; it's a complete resort-style experience.  Two outstanding amenity centers cater to residents, ensuring there's always something to do, from relaxation to socializing with your neighbors.

Historic Ski Resort Expansion: Velvaere represents the largest ski resort expansion since the 1980s.  By investing in property here, you're part of skiing history.  As the resort evolves, so will your investment and your opportunities for adventure.

New Deer Valley Chairlift:  Velvaere offers an added perk for die-hard skiers—a brand-new Deer Valley chairlift right at your doorstep.  This means more skiing, exploring, and unforgettable moments on the slopes.

Velvaere's ski-in-ski-out estate lots offer a once-in-a-lifetime chance to own property in a vibrant ski resort community.  Whether you're an avid skier, an outdoor enthusiast, or simply seeking a stunning mountain retreat, Velvaere provides a lifestyle that's hard to match.

Don't miss this opportunity to create your dream mountain home with the freedom to choose your custom home builder while being part of an exciting ski resort expansion.  Velvaere's estate lots aren't just land; they're your invitation to experience the very best of mountain living.

Derrik's Overview of Velvaere at Deer Valley Resort Area

We love new construction, like many of the buyers we've represented.  I provide so much content about Park City real estate to have you contact us when you begin your real estate search.  As a team, it doesn't necessarily matter to us what or when you buy, but when the time is right, we want to be the local Realtors that assist you in purchasing the best property for your specific needs.

This page about Velvære took some time to put together because this project may offer any development team's most in-depth amenity details. 

While this luxury real estate offering won't be for everyone, it will be perfect for others.  I'm a bit of a hippy at heart who loves to buy organic food; over the past few years, I've enjoyed breathwork, acupuncture, and light therapy, and I'm always trying to figure out my circadian rhythm.

While most of my clients have enough wealth to buy material possessions, no one can buy health when it's genuinely needed.  Velvaere offers a unique real estate experience to live large while focusing on your mind, body, and soul.

My thought is there is little doubt in my mind that Velvaere will be a special and spectacular product with state-of-the-art health technology - an extraordinary place to live.  However, I wonder how the Mayflower snow will hold and how much impact Highway 40 will have on the project.  Using the number at the top of this page, call me to discuss your real estate needs or continue reading about the amenities of Velvaere.

Note: Update: Deer Valley Resort has announced that the runs of Mayflower Mountain Resort & Velvaere will be included in the Deer Valley Resort area.  Velvaere will be an excellent addition to Deer Valley, and Deer Valley Resort will be an excellent addition to Velvaere!

Velvaere Skiing

Owners at Velvaere will have access to America's first new ski resort in 40 years.  Direct ski-in-ski-out or on-site ski lift access from the property will be available.  The ski lift is adjacent to the Adventure Center and provides access to Mayflower Mountain Resort and Deer Valley Resort.  Mayflower Mountain Resort offers 4,300 skiable acres with 3,200 vertical skiing accessed by fifteen chairlifts.

Adventure and Family Center

The Adventure and Family Center is a 15,000-square-foot building that serves as a family headquarters for outdoor activities.  The center offers gear storage, indoor family recreation with games, a family-friendly indoor/outdoor pool, hot tubs, a community market, an aprés ski beach, and a restaurant with a rooftop bar.

For further adventures, the Velvaere Concierge will help you arrange everything else.  You will have professional assistance booking boating at the Jordanelle Reservoir, rock climbing, exploring Utah's National Parks, and many more activities.

Wellness at Velvaere

The state-of-the-art Wellness Center is the most prominent item(s) of differences compared to any other community in Park City, Utah.  This 20,000-square-foot building allows Velvaere to pursue the WELL Certification with the International WELL Building Institute under the WELL Building standard.

Using industry-leading technology, Velvaere offers a one-of-a-kind experience through the Wellness Center.  As a result, owners will have enhanced individual wellness and be part of a healthy community.  Living here is designed to provide a one-of-a-kind experience to improve and awaken the senses of the mind, body, and soul.  As a result, life is better with purified air and water, improved lighting, increased nutrition and fitness, and better sleep patterns.

Delos systems will be featured in Velvaere homes to improve the indoor air quality with sensors, purify and reduce ultra-fine particles in the air, filter impurities and contaminants with a water filtration system, improve Circadian rhythm lighting, and provide relaxation, meditation, and aromatherapy technology.  While not only delivering improved mental health, the Delos system aims to improve our natural rhythms to live life in harmony with our surroundings.

Velvaere and Fountain Life: Pioneering a New Era in Proactive Health and Wellness

Velvaere is excited to announce a significant partnership with Fountain Life, a leading company in preventative health, co-founded by Tony Robbins and Dr. Hariri.  This collaboration is part of Velvaere's commitment to the health and longevity of its residents.

As a benefit, all Velvaere owners will receive a two-year Apex Membership to Fountain Life at no extra cost.  This membership gives access to the latest health diagnostics and treatments, focusing on preventive care and early disease detection to enhance overall health and extend life expectancy.

Fountain Life is dedicated to transforming the current healthcare system into a proactive, data-driven approach.  Their goal is to improve life expectancy and diagnose and treat illnesses earlier than ever before.  The foundation of their approach is "functional medicine-based protocols," along with a comprehensive annual 150 Gb diagnostic "Upload" that includes imaging, genetic, and blood tests.  This process is designed to predict and identify diseases at their earliest stages, aiming to stop and potentially reverse their progression.

Wellbeing Amenities at The Wellness Center:

Residents will have access to wellbeing amenities, including cognitive health, Cryotherapy, fitness training, floatation pool, hyperbaric chamber/pod, integrative medicine, IV Therapy, LightStem LED, lymph drainage, nutrition programs for microbiome and biohacking, sound baths, thermal and contrast bathing, and more at the list below.

Pools and innovative fitness training centers provide areas to improve movement and assist relaxation.  In addition, the recovery center offers culinary options that nourish and revitalize.

List of Nature Education & Immersion

· Art Classes
· Cooking Classes
· Forest Bathing
· Gathering Space for Workshops
· Green bar refreshments and café
· Health Workshops and Lectures with Local Wellness Partners
· Hiking, Biking, and Barefoot Hiking
· Multigenerational Workshops
· Music Therapy and Performance
· Zen & Herb Gardens, Meditation-Based Landscapes

List of Wellness Treatments

· Energy Work: Reiki, EFT, Craniosacral
· Nails
· Skincare & Beauty Treatments: Body Wraps and Scrubs
· Specialty Massage: Thai, Shiatsu, Sports, CBD, & more
· Watsu in Floatation Pools

List of Integrative Holistic Medicine

· Acupuncture and Cupping
· Gut Health and Immunity
· Mental Health and functional health Programs
· Nutrition Programs for Microbiome and Biohacking
· Reflexology
· Sleep Programs
· Specific Women's and Men's Health Programs

List of Body Healing Therapies

· Cryotherapy· Flotation Pool
· Hyperbaric Chamber/Pod
· Infrared & Halotherapy
· IV & Compression
· LightStem LED
· Sound Healing
· Steam/Sauna
· Thermal and Contrast Bathing

List of Physical Activities and Movement

· AI or EMS training
· Bathing Fitness Yoga Meditation
· breathwork· Breathwork Classes
· Cardio, Strength, and Movement Offerings
· Cycling/Rowing
· Functional Fitness· Meditation & Mindfulness Practices
· Personal Training
· Yoga and Chroma Yoga

List of Recovery and Performance Enhancers

· BioCranial Therapy· Bioimpedance Analysis
· Biomarker Testing
· Blood Flow Restriction Training
· Dry Needling
· Foot Health, Podiatry, Specialty Footwear, and Kybun Shoe/Walking Training
· Functional Movement Screening
· HRV Testing
· Lactate Threshold Testing
· Lymph Drainage
· Normatec Compression Boots
· Percussion Guns
· Physical Therapy
· Physiotherapy, Kinesiology, and Kinesio Taping
· VO2max Testing

Adventure and Things to Do When Living at Velvaere

Outside of skiing, enjoying the amenities of Mayflower Mountain Resort, and maintaining/improving your health at the Velvaere, there are plenty of things to do when living within this community.  Owners will be near all the features the world-class mountain town of Park City offers.

In addition, you will be near blue-ribbon fly-fishing rivers, snowmobiling, and backcountry adventures in the Wasatch Mountains.  The Jordanelle Reservoir offers boating, fishing, wakeboarding, jet skiing, and paddle boarding.

Are Rentals Allowed in Velvaere?

Are you searching for a new construction property in Park City with the flexibility of short-term rentals?  Velvaere welcomes renters with open arms. 

The community offers diverse rental options to suit various needs: cabins have a minimum stay of three days, paired homes require at least a seven-day stay, and estate homes are available for rentals with a minimum of 30 days.  This variety ensures that whether you're planning a quick getaway or a more extended retreat, Velvaere has the perfect option for you.

Pet Policy

The pet policy for Velvaere allows each homeowner to have up to three domestic pets.  This includes dogs, cats, and other common household pets.  However, pets considered dangerous or aggressive are not allowed.

The homeowner is responsible for ensuring that their pets are well-behaved and do not disturb or harm other residents.  If you have pets and are considering purchasing a Velvaere property, we are happy to provide additional information.

Deer Valley Resort Area

Mayflower Mountain Resort is the first opportunity to buy into a major American ski resort since 1981.  The approval of the Mayflower real estate project has a private/public aspect, including Velvaere. While the resort plans a soft opening in 2024, the retail space is projected for late 2025.  Mayflower Resort will offer several different dining options, spas, ski rentals, and additional recreation facilities.

Location of Velvaere

Velvaere's location offers easy access to the Salt Lake International Airport, one of the world's top three most reliable airports.  Deer Valley Resort, Park City Resort, Canyons Village, and Mayflower Mountain Resort offer skiing minutes away.  There is also Woodward Park City and Sundance Ski Resort within twenty to thirty minutes.

Below is a list of fun places to visit when living in Velvaere.

    · Jordanelle Reservoir Marina: 2.4 miles
    · Park City, Utah Main Street: 8.7 miles
    · Midway Main Street 10.5 miles
    · Heber Valley Airport: 11.8 miles
    · Salt Lake International Airport: 42 miles
    · Uinta National Forest: 50 miles
    · Moab, Utah: 227 miles
    · Jackson Hole, Wyoming: 264 miles
    · Las Vegas: 414 miles

Velvaere Real Estate Offerings and Prices

Editor's Note: When searching for Velvære real estate, consumers may use the search words Velvaere, Valvarie, Valvary, Valerie Park City, Velvury, or Valvaere.  This page was most recently updated on February 29, 2024, to answer the question if the community allows for rentals.