Get Ready for the Biggest Ski Resort Expansion Ever!

Executive Summary: Following half a decade of negotiations, the luxury ski resort under the management of Alterra is poised for an expansion, encompassing an impressive expanse of 5,726 acres and featuring more than 35 lifts when combined with Deer Valley Resort.

Prepare to be part of ski resort history as Alterra Mountain Company unveils the largest ski resort expansion ever witnessed.  This groundbreaking partnership between Deer Valley Resort and Extell's Mayflower Mountain Resort promises a thrilling fusion of luxury, adventure, and accessibility. 

With 16 new lifts and a 10-passenger gondola, your mountain experience will reach new heights.  Seamlessly integrating Mayflower Mountain Resort into the iconic Deer Valley, this venture ushers in a new era of inclusivity in ski resorts.  Conservation efforts, offering over 3,100 acres of the Mayflower ski area for preservation, ensure a legacy for generations.  Get ready to carve your name in ski history and redefine your winter getaways – the mountains are calling, and a new era awaits.

Ski Resort Evolution Overview:

Get ready for an unprecedented evolution at the ski resort.  With an impressive surge in numbers, this transformation promises an extraordinary skiing experience.  From an increase of 131% in ski runs – now totaling 238 – to a 76% growth in chairlifts, rising from 21 to 37, the enhancements are set to redefine adventure.  The resort's footprint also expands dramatically, with acres growing by 183% from 2,026 to 5,726.  Moreover, the mountain count climbs by 150%, soaring from 4 to an impressive 10.  Beyond the slopes, a new village and portal invite exploration while existing facilities receive significant upgrades.  The base area at Snow Park undergoes a stunning metamorphosis, ensuring that every aspect of your experience is elevated to new heights.

· Number of Ski Runs: 103 to 238 = Increase of 131%
· Charirlifts: 21 to 37 = Increase of 76%
· Acres: 2,026 to 5,726 Acres = Increase of 183%
· Mountains: 4 to 10 = Increase of 150%
· New Village and Portal
· Existing Facilities Improvements
· Transforming the Base of Snow Park

Alterra Mountain Company's Epic Announcement

Get ready to witness ski resort history in the making!  Alterra Mountain Company has unveiled "the largest ski resort expansion ever." This exciting development involves the dynamic partnership of Deer Valley Resort, an Alterra Mountain Company property, and Extell, the visionary force behind Mayflower Mountain Resort.
Elevating Your Mountain Experience

Imagine hitting the slopes with even more exhilarating terrain to conquer.  That's exactly what's in store for you!  This expansion plan includes an impressive addition of 16 new lifts and a game-changing 10-passenger gondola designed to take your mountain adventures to new heights.

Unveiling the Grand Vision

The official announcement took center stage at a press conference at the iconic Silver Lake Lodge of Deer Valley Resort.  This moment marked the beginning of a partnership to redefine your ski experiences.

Jared Smith, the CEO of Alterra Mountain Company, summed up the excitement by saying, "The terrain feels like it should have been part of Deer Valley since day one." This expansion aims to seamlessly integrate Mayflower Mountain Resort into the fabric of Deer Valley, infusing new energy into an already legendary destination.
The Countdown Begins

Excitingly, these transformations are not a distant future – they're right around the corner.  Throughout the next three ski seasons, you can look forward to an unfolding transformation that will infuse fresh excitement into the mountains.  You might even be carving down new trails and experiencing the lifts as early as the winter of 2025-26.  An astonishing 5,726 acres of ski-only terrain will nearly triple the size of the Deer Valley Resort area.  This expansion is set to revolutionize the way you experience the mountains, offering endless thrills for skiing enthusiasts of all levels.

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A New Era of Ski Resorts

Hold onto your ski poles because a thrilling new chapter will unfold in ski resorts!  Brace yourself for a paradigm shift that promises to rewrite the script of mountain getaways.

The spotlight is on the Mayflower Mountain Resort, an eagerly awaited gem emerging just east of Deer Valley Resort.  But what sets this resort apart isn't just its breathtaking location; it's the audacious step it's taking toward inclusivity and accessibility.

Breaking Boundaries: Bucking the trend of exclusivity, Mayflower Mountain Resort is on a mission to become the first non-private ski resort in the U.S. since 2004.  This bold decision ripples through the skiing community, ushering in an era where the mountains are open to all who seek adventure and the thrill of the slopes.

A Skier's Dream: Imagine yourself weaving down one of the 230 pristine runs, surrounded by camaraderie and shared passion.  The dream of experiencing world-class skiing in a setting that welcomes everyone—this is what Mayflower Mountain Resort aspires to create.

Trailblazing Spirit: The significance of this venture cannot be overstated.  It's not just about skiing; it's about embracing a spirit of exploration and breaking down barriers.  Whether you're a seasoned skier or a first-timer, the slopes of Mayflower Mountain Resort invite you to become a part of a historic movement transforming the essence of ski resorts.

Your Invitation: This isn't just another resort; it's an invitation to be part of something groundbreaking.  It's a call to be a pioneer, explore uncharted slopes, and contribute to a shift redefining the skiing landscape.  The mountains have always symbolized freedom, and with Mayflower Mountain Resort leading the charge, that freedom is now more accessible than ever.

So, pack your gear, bring your enthusiasm, and prepare to carve your mark on slopes that echo the promise of a new era.  The mountains are no longer reserved for the few; they're waiting to embrace you and your love for adventure.  Get ready to be a part of history as Mayflower Mountain Resort ushers in a new dawn of ski resorts.

A Commitment to Conservation

In an admirable display of stewardship, Extell Development takes a proactive stance toward preserving the natural splendor of the Mayflower ski area.  With a committed dedication, they allocate over 3,100 acres to a steadfast conservation easement. 

This visionary move is a testament to their commitment to safeguarding the environment's integrity and ensuring that the pristine trails and captivating landscapes remain unspoiled for generations.  By upholding this legacy of conservation, Extell Development not only enhances the appeal of the ski area but also ensures that the spirit of adventure harmonizes seamlessly with the essence of sustainability.

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