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 Lower Deer Valley Real Estate

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Hi, Derrik Carlson up here in Lower Deer Valley.  I'm driving around and looking at what's going on in the market. There's been quite a bit of new construction that's been going on and you can see one as I pass right now.  Our numbers don't necessarily reflect that because really Lower Deer Valley was built out in the 90's for the most part. It is a pretty mature area of Park City. So, when you look overall, we have 39 total listings. 18 of those are single family homes, 19 are condos and only two are lots.  So far this year we have had 28 total closings: 8 homes, 17 condos and 3 lots.

There is a mix of type of properties that are available. Let me see if I can just flip you around real quick

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Homebuyers navigating the real estate market often focus on the factors that suit their needs today — and for the duration that they live at the property. Many overlook the home’s future resale value. Yet, according to NAR (National Association Of Realtors), you should approach choosing a home as more of a business decision. The location of the property, size, layout, and condition all influence whether the home is a good investment, or whether you will have resale problems later on. Here are a few things you might want to consider that will affect a home’s resale value down the road.


Location influences the value of real estate more than anything else. Homes in a desirable location will attract a larger pool of buyers, and

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