Five Factors Influencing the Resale Value of Your Home

Major Factors of Home Value on ResalesWhen it comes to real estate, the decisions you make today can significantly impact the resale value of your property in the future.  While considering the perfect home or condo, it's essential to remember not only your current needs but also what will appeal to potential buyers down the road.  In this guide, we explore key factors that play a crucial role in determining the resale value of your home in Park City, Utah.

From the importance of location and layout to the impact of views and renovations, we'll help you make informed decisions to ensure your property remains a wise investment.  Additionally, we discuss the invaluable role of an experienced real estate agent in navigating external factors that influence your home's value.  Discover how these elements can shape your property's resale potential.

Views: Enhancing Location and Value

In Park City real estate, views are not just about aesthetics; they are a substantial driver of property value.  When considering the location of a property, breathtaking views can significantly enhance its allure.  Homes with commanding views often fall into the category of prime locations in Park City.  Whether it's the serene vistas of rolling hills or the dramatic backdrop of snow-covered peaks, a picturesque view can elevate a property's charm and resale potential.  Studies have shown that homes with captivating views can command up to 20% premiums.  So, when assessing a property's location, don't forget to factor in the value that views bring to the table.

Layout and Configuration: The Art of Functional Spaces

Regardless of the house's square footage, the rooms' configuration is important in establishing resale value.  For example, bedrooms and bathrooms with poor layout or functionality could negatively impact the property's value.

Homebuyers typically want three or more bedrooms, according to NAR.  Likewise, be careful when purchasing a home that is too large because this could be too much for homebuyers to handle.

Here are some common items that will usually raise the resale value:

  • Walk-in closets
  • Open floor plans
  • Big laundry rooms
  • A high-functioning kitchen
  • A primary suite
  • HVAC system

Additions and Renovations: Adding Instant Equity

Some remodeling projects can add instant value to your home.  Interestingly, studies show that replacing old siding provides the greatest return on investment and gets the highest resale price.  Studies also show that adding a bedroom puts your home into another price category, so converting your loft or den can be an instant equity injection.

For instance, consider the case of a past client who recently reached out to me, contemplating adding two bedrooms to his Deer Valley home.  We discussed the value-add potential, and together, we concluded that it would be the most cost-effective way to increase square footage in Deer Valley, offering tremendous added value.  If done correctly, transforming a three-bedroom ski home into a five-bedroom property is smart and can substantially enhance resale potential.

But again, just be aware that a 5th bedroom may or may not add value depending on your home's demographic.

Quick kitchen fixes, like replacing cabinet doors or adding new sinks and faucets, will typically increase the value of your home — Sometimes by the exact dollar amount you spent on the update.  Adding a primary bathroom can add tremendous value to your home.

The Role of the Agent: Navigating External Factors

The price of your home is affected by external factors.  For example, if a local employer moves out of town, the value of your home will likely decrease — The most extreme example is what happened in Detroit after the auto industry's hay day.

Interest rate hikes, unemployment, and cultural shifts can impact house prices.  Thus, it's usually impossible to accurately predict the future resale value of a home.

However, an experienced real estate agent can help — If you don't have an agent yet, give us a quick call or text, and we can refer you to a top agent in your area.  Ask your agent to prepare a home value estimate if your home is ready to sell.  This document analyzes the selling prices of comparable homes in your neighborhood and sets a price range for your home.

When considering resale value, ask your agent to consider local housing market price trends, supply and demand, transportation plans, and incoming industries to estimate the likelihood of getting a good price when you sell.

If you don't have an agent, call or text me anytime!

Editor's Note: This blog was originally posted on June 8, 2018, and has been updated on September 28, 2023, to align with current real estate standards.

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