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  It becomes more and more apparent to me that one of the largest    competitive edges I have in selling real estate in Park City is my ability to    brand photos and listings being syndicated all over the world and buyers    come directly to "the source" for information.  Other broker's information is  often stripped or put at the very bottom of the page so the listing agent    never gets a call from a potential buyer.       Syndication is when the listing agents enter your homes information and       photos into the MLS and the information is blasted all over the world via       the internet.  This information is shown by Zillow, Trulia, and other large     companies in our industry.  These companies don't charge the listing           agent for…
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Wiring funds before closing is very important.  If funds are not wired on time, it could delay your closing and possibly create a breech of contract situation.  Below you will find the common items to wire money.  Please remember that every situation and financial institution could have a different set of rules so it is best to ask twice and wire once. 

Visit your bank or credit union and provide the following information. 

- Your name and address

- Your account number

- Valid Identification

- Contact information for the institution of where you are sending the funds (you may be asked for a SWIFT code)

- Routing number and account number for who will be receiving the funds

- Often financial institutions will ask the purpose of the

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