How to Negotiate Luxury Real Estate Deals

The golden rule of negotiation is to remember there are people and emotions involved when negotiating real estate transactions.  There are times for hard-nosed negotiation and other times where a little bit of compassion works best for everyone - know your situation!

I've recently been running into more and more transactions in the Park City area where the buyers or sellers don't care what the other side thinks about their offer.  For some real estate transactions, it's strictly about numbers but I'm estimating that is for less than 5% of transactions in today's market.  

Buyer: As a buyer, you should remember that the sellers loved their home and in most cases, they have made many good memories and…

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Who Buys Real Estate in Park City, Utah

Below you will find the ranking, location, number of owners, and percentage of homes owned are from that purchase a property in Park City, Utah.  The numbers below come from local statistics delivered by county title records.

The percent of ownership appears to be what I would expect except for Florida being at number three and Hawaii being in the top ten. There is often talk about how important marketing globally is for Park City real estate sales but our international sales only account for 1.02% of the market and Mexico is 40% of the international market share. The fact that Mexico owners are 40% of the international owners in Park City is surprising to me because in the past year I've worked with more…

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