Complete List of Park City Golf Communities & Real Estate Listings

Our guide provides detailed insights into Park City's golf communities, presented alphabetically for easy navigation. While each community is united by its focus on golf, unique distinctions set them apart. For instance, Canyons Village offers a blend of golf and skiing experiences, while Jeremy Ranch and Park Meadows are known for being primarily residential areas with lighter amenities.

Glenwild, Red Ledges, Promontory, Tuhaye, and Woholi stand out as gated communities, ensuring privacy and exclusivity, where access for guests requires accompaniment by a member or Realtor.

For those interested in pioneering luxury living at a ski resort with golfing amenities, Deer Valley East Village, previously known as Mayflower Mountain Resort, represents an exciting opportunity. This developing community, expected to evolve over the next eight years, is supported by private and public investments and promises a unique blend of ski and golf luxury lifestyle.

Canyons Village Golf Homes and Condos

Search homes and condos in the Canyons Village.

The Canyons Village transitions from a premier ski hub in winter to a golfing and mountain biking haven in summer. Encircled by the golf course, single-family homes, townhomes, and condos offer an unparalleled living experience at the heart of the Canyons.

Glenwild Golf Homes for Sale

Search homes and lots for sale in Glenwild

Within a gated golf course community, Glenwild features 200 building parcels, offering the quintessential golf experience in Park City. Recognized by Golf Digest as Utah's best golf course, the Tom Fazio-designed course is surrounded by custom homes that embrace a mountain aesthetic.

Jeremy Ranch

Search Jeremy Ranch homes and condos.

Ideally positioned between Park City and Salt Lake City, Jeremy Ranch offers benefits like inclusion in the Park City School District at a lower price point and abundant outdoor activities. Its golf course, the only Arnold Palmer Signature Design in Utah, adds to the allure.

Park Meadows Golf Properties

Search Park Meadows homes, condos, and lots for sale

Park Meadows, one of Park City's most sought-after neighborhoods, provides a unique lifestyle in a world-class ski town. Known for full-time residences and offering the only private golf club within city limits, Park Meadows delivers a community vibe with year-round events and panoramic views.

Promontory Homes for Sale

Search Promontory Real Estate for sale.

Promontory is synonymous with mountain elegance and a luxury lifestyle, marked by two 18-hole golf courses and an array of amenities. This community offers diverse real estate options, from the spectacular views of Park City ski resorts to the Uinta Mountains.

Red Ledges Real Estate

Search Red Ledges homes and lots for sale.

Set in Heber City, Red Ledges is a 2,000-acre gated luxury community offering magnificent views, a Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course, and year-round amenities. With nearly 1,200 homes planned and a select number of golf memberships, Red Ledges combines exclusivity with a rich community life.

Tuhaye / Talisker Homes and Land for Sale

Search Tuhaye homes and land for sale.

Tuhaye surrounds an 18-hole Mark O'Meara-designed golf course, offering luxury townhomes and custom homes with expansive views. Forbes Magazine rated it one of America's top private communities. With Talisker Club Membership, Tuhaye provides a blend of ski and golf lifestyles.

Victory Ranch Properties

Search Victory Ranch homes and land for sale.

Victory Ranch, a luxury gated community, spans over 6,250 acres along the Upper Provo River. It features a Rees Jones-designed golf course, extensive outdoor activities, and a ski-in-ski-out clubhouse, offering a unique mountain western feel.

Wohali Golf Development, Utah

Read More about Wohali Real Estate for Sale.

Wohali, the latest golf community near Park City, is set on 5,417 acres and focuses on golf, experience, and adventure. Its initial phase introduces a new concept in luxury golf living, promising to be an exciting addition to Park City's golf community landscape.

Park City Golf Course Homes for Sale

In the 2000s' luxurious second-home golfing communities were the most sought-after properties in the area. Today, most golfing communities have added amenities to compete with any year-round resort town. 

More often than you think, homes in these communities are purchased or built by full-time owners who want to have all the fun outside their back door and easy access to skiing on the best snow on earth. 

Promontory, Red Ledges, Tuhaye, Victory Ranch, and Glenwild real estate are private luxury gated communities within the Park City area. In addition, Canyons Village, Park Meadows, and Jeremy Ranch (and Thaynes Canyon) offer the Park City lifestyle within more typical neighborhoods and public golf courses.

Comprehensive Overview of Golf Homes in Park City, Utah

Golf course communities within Park City, Utah, cater to various interests, offering top-tier amenities for those passionate about golf, skiing, nature, and many outdoor activities. These communities have evolved significantly, providing primary residents and vacation homeowners an enhanced living experience.

Premier Amenities for an Engaging Lifestyle

The golf communities in Park City extend beyond mere residences; they serve as gateways to a fulfilling and active lifestyle marked by:

  • Access to World-Class Skiing: Proximity to ski lodges and slopes is guaranteed, with self-drive and shuttle service options.
  • Recreational Activities: Various amenities, including tubing hills, water slides, pools, spas, equestrian facilities, and clubhouses, ensure that there is always something to do within these communities.
  • Outdoor Adventures: The ease of access to fishing, ATV trails, hiking, and biking paths allows residents to connect with the natural environment seamlessly.
  • Optimal Year-Round Living Conditions: Park City is celebrated for its mild summers, snowy winters, and the captivating beauty of its seasons, recognized by TIME magazine as one of the World's 50 Greatest Places of 2022.

Superior Accessibility

The proximity to Salt Lake International Airport positions Park City as the most accessible golf and ski locale in North America. This unique aspect facilitates a lifestyle where one can ski in the morning, enjoy golf in the afternoon, and manage nationwide travel efficiently, allowing ample rest before early morning commitments.

The Appeal of Park City, Utah

Residing in Park City means embracing a lifestyle where luxury and adventure converge. It's a locale offering diverse daily activities against Utah's majestic mountains. Whether the attraction is the tranquility of the golf courses or the thrill of the slopes, Park City provides a diverse range of pursuits to accommodate every interest.

Explore Your Ideal Golf Home

Investigate the golf course communities in Park City to discover your ideal residence. With an assortment of properties that harmonize with the natural landscape, you are poised to find a home where you can live, engage in activities, and unwind in one of America's most esteemed outdoor destinations.

Comprehensive Overview of Park City's Premier Golf Communities

Park City is renowned for its exceptional golf communities, offering a unique blend of luxury, scenic beauty, and world-class golfing experiences. Below, we detail the eight prominent golfing neighborhoods in Park City, emphasizing that while Promontory, Tuhaye, Glenwild, and Victory Ranch often stand out as the foremost choices, other communities like The Canyons Village, Jeremy Ranch, Park Meadows, or Red Ledges might align more closely with your vision for the perfect Park City golf property.

Our objective is to offer a brief overview of each community, encouraging you to explore further by clicking the underlined links for detailed insights into each golf community. Derrik & Co is at your service to address any inquiries regarding MLS listings or golf properties within Park City, Utah.

Key Considerations for Selecting Your Ideal Golf Community

  • Community Size and Scope: Understanding the scale of each community is important to many buyers. Glenwild presents around 200 buildable parcels, offering an intimate setting. Victory Ranch expands the choice with approximately 350 parcels, balancing seclusion and community. Tuhaye offers a broader landscape, potentially doubling Victory Ranch's size, while Promontory stands as the largest, offering nearly twice as much space as Tuhaye. These dimensions reflect the physical size and diversity in lifestyle and amenities each community can offer.

  • Evolving Amenities and Golf Experience: These communities are not static; they have seen significant growth, expansion, and enhancement over the years. Future residents can anticipate improvements in both the amenities and the golfing experience. This commitment to enhancement ensures that living in one of Park City's golf communities is an investment in a continually evolving luxury lifestyle.

Discover Your Dream Golf Community in Park City

Choosing the right golf community in Park City involves balancing your preferences for privacy, community size, amenities, and the overall lifestyle each neighborhood offers. By exploring each community in depth, you are taking the first step toward finding a golf property that meets and exceeds your expectations for luxury living in one of the most desirable locations in the United States.

Derrik & Co. is dedicated to guiding you through this selection process and ensuring you find a golf community in Park City that perfectly matches your lifestyle and aspirations. Do not hesitate to ask for personalized assistance or more information on a specific listing.

Detailed Cost of Ownership Comparison for Park City, Utah Golf Course Communities

Exploring the prospect of homeownership within Park City, Utah's prestigious golf course communities presents various financial considerations. As your trusted real estate advisory team, our mission is to give you a detailed understanding of the ownership costs in these exclusive areas. With this information, you're better positioned to choose a community that fits your lifestyle dreams.

Financial Breakdown by Community

To aid in your decision-making process, we present a concise financial overview of key communities, focusing on initial investments and ongoing costs:

  1. Glenwild:

    • Golf Deposit: $200,000.00
    • Social Deposit: $50,000.00
    • Refundability: 25%
    • Annual Golf Dues: $26,000.00
    • Other Fees: $32 Cart Fee
  2. Park Meadows:

    • Golf Deposit: $325,000.00
    • Social Deposit: $155,000.00
    • Refundability: 80%
    • Annual Golf Dues: $15,960.00
    • Other Fees: $1,200 F&B, $22 Cart Fee
  3. Promontory:

    • Golf Deposit: $250,000.00
    • Social Deposit: $100,000.00
    • Refundability: 70%
    • Annual Golf Dues: $18,000.00
    • Other Fees: $1,500 F&B, $25 Cart Fee
  4. Red Ledges:

    • Golf Deposit: $225,000.00
    • Social Deposit (Lifestyle): $55,000.00
    • Refundability: 75%
    • Annual Golf Dues: $12,500.00
    • Other Fees: None
    • *Updated May 2024
  5. Talisker (Tuhaye):

    • Golf Deposit: $200,000.00
    • Social Deposit: N/A
    • Refundability: 80%
    • Annual Golf Dues: $20,500.00
    • Other Fees: $25 Cart Fee
  6. Victory Ranch:

    • Golf Deposit: $225,000.00
    • Social Deposit: N/A
    • Refundability: 50%
    • Annual Golf Dues: $25,000.00
    • Other Fees: None

The refundability percentage denotes the portion of your Deposit that is recoverable upon departure from the community.

Evaluating Your Options

This cost comparison is designed to illuminate the financial landscape of each community, assisting you in assessing how each aligns with your financial planning and lifestyle preferences. Beyond the numbers, each community boasts unique amenities and lifestyle benefits, from golfing and social activities to natural beauty and tranquility.

We are eager to delve deeper into the distinct characteristics that make each community stand out, providing a comprehensive picture of the available lifestyle and real estate opportunities.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any inquiries or wish to explore Park City's golf course communities more in-depth. Our commitment is to support you every step of the way, ensuring you have all the necessary information to make a well-informed decision about your future home.

Spacious Golf Properties: Large Lots for Sale in Premier Communities

The allure of expansive, serene landscapes within golfing communities has never been stronger. A growing trend among buyers is the pursuit of golf properties featuring large lots that offer both privacy and panoramic views. In 2021, Victory Ranch made headlines by selling several estate parcels exceeding fifty acres, setting a precedent that Promontory and Tuhaye quickly matched by offering ranchette lots of over thirty-five acres.

Promontory stands out for those desiring substantial acreage, particularly within the community's eastern hills. Ten exclusive lots, each accompanied by a golf membership, spanning thirty to forty-five acres, offering ample space for a main residence and a guest house within a generous five-acre building envelope.

Similarly, Tuhaye is expanding its offerings to include larger parcels on the development's southern edge, catering to those who value space and luxury. Please feel free to reach out for further details on these expansive golf properties or to explore their possibilities.

Park City's Premier Golf Communities with Ski Access: The Ultimate Blend of Luxury

Park City is renowned for its exceptional golf communities, but several take luxury living to the next level by offering ski access. These exclusive communities provide the ultimate lifestyle for those who cherish golf and skiing, featuring Victory Ranch, Tuhaye, Red Ledges, and Promontory, all boasting memberships that include ski access.

Canyons Village is a unique enclave that seamlessly integrates golf and skiing. It's the only community where residents can enjoy the convenience of ski-in-ski-out and golf-in-golf-out options, offering a truly unmatched living experience.

Tuhaye sets itself apart with superior ski amenities, thanks to its collaboration with Talisker at Deer Valley Resort, promising an elite skiing experience. Meanwhile, Promontory extends its luxury offerings with access to Deer Valley and Park City Mountain Resort, catering to those eager to explore multiple ski destinations. These communities embody the essence of Park City's lifestyle, where world-class golfing and skiing meet.

Ranking the Best Park City Golf Course Communities?

· The Best Ski & Golf - Marcella at Mayflower Mountain Resort
· The Best Pure Golfing Community - Glenwild Golf Club
· The Best Golfing Community for an Easy Commute - Jeremy Ranch
· The Best Golfing Neighborhood Within City Limits - Park Meadows
· The Best Park City Golfing Property for New Construction - Promontory
· The Best Community Sub $3 Million - Red Ledges
· The Best Value for Local Golf Real Estate - Tuhaye Real Estate
· The Best Outdoor Community (Skeet, ATVs, Bikes, Boats, & Fishing) - Victory Ranch
· The Best Views in a Park City Golf Community: Tuhaye
· The Newest Golfing Community - Mayflower Mountain Resort

The Best Amenities for Park City Golf Properties


· Canyons Village - Public Golf Course
· Promontory - Private Golf Communities
· Tuhaye - Private Golf Communities
· Victory Ranch - Private Golf Communities


· Park Meadows has a fantastic location within Park City's city limits.
· Red Ledges with their dining, water parks, fitness areas, & community activities

What Golf Course Communities in Park City Allow for Rentals?

An Overview of Park City Golf Course Communities and Rental Policies.

  • Promontory: Offers the flexibility of short-term rentals for club members, providing an avenue for income generation through its accommodating rental policy.
  • Tuhaye: Features a rental program exclusively for members, which has proven highly beneficial, particularly for those constructing homes within the community.
  • Canyons Village: Distinct for comprising condos and townhomes around a public golf course, the Canyons Village offers more flexibility for rentals within the area.

Conversely, some communities have more restrictive policies:

  • Glenwild and Victory Ranch: Both communities maintain policies restricting short-term rentals, prioritizing privacy and community cohesion over rental opportunities.
  • Park Meadows: While centrally located, it has stringent criteria for properties eligible for nightly rentals, limiting opportunities.

For those interested in golf properties with rental potential, an alternative strategy could involve purchasing a ski property in Empire Pass, where nightly rentals are permitted. Owners can then leverage a Talisker Club Membership for golfing privileges and access to amenities at Tuhaye, providing a unique blend of ski and golf lifestyle with rental flexibility.

What is the Best Golf Course in Park City, Utah?

Below is a ranking of the best Park City Golf Courses according to Golfdigest. Many local golfers argue that this order is close but not entirely accurate. We don't yet know where Wohali's luxury golf development will fit into the rankings. 

1. Glenwild
2. Victory Ranch
3. Red Ledges
4. Tuhaye
5. Promontory (Painted Valley)
6. Promontory (Pete Dye Course)
7. Park Meadows

Numbers one through six are the same rankings for the best ratings in the state. They all have gorgeous newly built contemporary homes for sale in real estate. If you are searching for golf properties for sale in the area and would like to play the course, I can arrange for you and your loved ones to play at any private golf course.

Maximizing Your Opportunity to Build a Golf Home in Park City

Are you exploring the potential of constructing a custom home within Park City's premier golf communities? I'm here to guide you through selecting the ideal location that aligns with your vision. My strong connections with top builders and architects in the area ensure a seamless and rewarding when building a home in Park City.

Promontory Park City and Red Ledges stand out for their exceptional amenities and land availability, making them prime locations for new home construction in recent years. Victory Ranch offers a distinct mountain western ambiance, thanks to its Rees Jones-designed golf course, providing a unique living experience. Meanwhile, Tuhaye, with its picturesque setting near the Jordanelle Reservoir area, is poised for significant growth and appreciation, presenting an exciting opportunity for potential homeowners.

For those considering these communities, we have access to the CC&Rs for most neighborhoods, providing essential insights into any restrictions or regulations that may influence your building plans. To learn more about these opportunities and ensure you're well informed about the specifics of building in these distinguished golf communities, please don't hesitate to call or email for further details.

Your Dedicated Park City Golf Course Real Estate Advocates with Derrik & Co

When navigating the intricacies of purchasing or selling properties within the esteemed golf communities of Park City, we believe having a representative who places your priorities first is crucial. While numerous developers employ their own sales teams focused on representing the developer's interests, collaborating with Derrik & Co ensures that your preferences and needs lead every discussion and decision. Our specialization facilitates a thorough comparison of each community, aiding you in making an informed choice that suits your lifestyle and desires.

Customized Guidance for Your Distinctive Needs

Acknowledging the unique appeal of each golf community in Park City, we understand that not every location will suit every individual. Our role is to equip you with detailed insights into each residential area, providing a clear and accurate representation of amenities, membership privileges, golf courses, views, and beyond. We aim to support you in finding a community that meets and surpasses your expectations and secures a lifestyle in Park City that you will enjoy for many years.

Why Choose Derrik & Co?

  • Representation for Buyers and Sellers: We advocate for you, ensuring your interests are paramount throughout the buying or selling process.
  • Comprehensive Community Comparisons: We utilize our thorough understanding of Park City's golf communities to equip you with essential information to consider each area's benefits and limitations.
  • Tailored Selection Process: Our knowledge and insights can help you identify the ideal community and property that align with your aspirations and lifestyle preferences.

We are committed to assisting you in discovering not just a place to live but a community where life can be thoroughly enjoyed. Allow Derrik & Co to guide you to the extraordinary life that awaits in Park City's premier golf communities.

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