Towns Surrounding Park City, Utah

Real Estate in Small Towns Near Park City, Utah

Keypoints: Discover more about the small towns of Heber and Midway, located in the Heber Valley.  The Kamas Valley offers an ever slower-paced lifestyle, and the Jordanelle area may provide big views of Mount Timpanogas and the Jordanelle Reservoir.  All these small towns offer a lower price point and are within twenty to thirty minutes of downtown Park City.  

I've seen articles online that I might consider misleading about nearby cities or towns, and I thought it was best that we clear the misconceptions up.  The largest nearby city is Salt Lake, but there are three main areas on the outskirts of Park City.  It might be easiest to group the areas by the Heber Valley, Kamas Valley, and the Jordanelle area.  These areas have grown over the past decade, meaning more restaurants, gyms, playgrounds, and things to do. 

I'm pointing out these three areas because they could be broken down into much smaller segments, but there may not be much to say about a small real estate development with only five to twenty homes.   

While these areas aren't necessarily "Park City," they offer much of the same outdoor lifestyle at a fraction of the price.  Some people seek small-town life without the Sundance Film Festival or ski traffic.  In recent years, we've seen people who have lived in Park City for years migrate to a slower-paced life in these areas.  

The Heber Valley

The Heber Valley - Small Towns Around Park CityThe Heber Valley offers proximity to skiing, especially using the Jordanelle Express Gondola to access Deer Valley.  It also offers wonderful outdoor adventures when heading past the golf course community of Red Ledges and into the Wasatch National Forest. 

There's a Walmart, Pizza Hut, and it's classic small-town America.  This location is about 30 miles from Provo and 45 minutes from Salt Lake Airport.  There's also a small airport that services the valley for private flights. 

Heber City is a town of 16,400 people that was founded in 1859.  The elevation is 5,604, which offers about two extra weeks of summer per year compared to Park City.   This is the most affordable town in the general area and offers great properties with big views of the Timpanogos Mountains.  Deer Creek is nearby for boating and fishing adventures. 

A while back, a client referred to Midway as a trendy mountain town.  I'm not sure of that, but there's something special here.  Swiss Days is a big draw in late summer and always a welcome event. 

Midway was a small farming/dairy town that has grown into a top second-home community.  With approximately 50% of the properties being second homes, it's a great spot for vacation properties or full-time residences.  Main Street boasts some wonderful restaurants and the golfing is on par with some of the best public courses in the state.  Outside of the Red Ledges community in Heber, Midway pulls a premium.  

The Kamas Valley

The Kamas Valley - Small Towns Around Park CityThe Kamas Valley is a small "cowboy town" that hasn't grown out of its roots yet, but residents and newcomers don't want that to change.  This area offers easy access to the Uinta Mountains and scenic spots like Mirror Lake.

If you're starting to notice a theme, it's the big views and small-town feel people are looking for in the mountains of Utah. However, we aren't unwilling to give up the convenience that a city like Salt Lake offers.  The Kamas Valley has been the most challenging area to find homes for sale.  People tend to live in Kamas and Midway for long periods because they are quality places.  

The Kamas Valley will offer the most riverfront property on the Provo or Weber River.  Larger parcels of land can be found here if you're considering buying a gentleman's ranch. 

Jordanelle, Utah Real Estate

Over the past few years, the Jordanelle area, also known as Hideout, has seen the most growth out of any of these areas.  The interesting, fun fact about these properties is that the location is in Wasatch and Summit County.  You'll notice that the address may say Heber or Kamas. 

Jordanelle - Small Towns Around Park CityThere's a wide variety of luxury homes in Jordanelle, but there has been substantial growth in new condo construction.  This area has access to skiing, and a new ski resort will be built in the upcoming years. 

The Jordanelle offers many outdoor activities of Park City, but here, you can be within a mile of your boat docked at the marina and skiing Deer Valley in the winter. 

Finalizing The Overview of Homes for Sale Near Park City, Utah

Each area of Utah's mountains is close to state parks, skiing, incredible outdoor activities, and much more.  They are all special in their way, and you won't know which small town will work best for you and your loved ones until you have taken a few days to visit and enjoy the local experience. 

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