Financing New Construction of Park City Residential Real Estate: Your Path to a Custom Home

As a Realtor specializing in representing financially savvy home buyers and sellers in Park City, Deer Valley, and their neighborhoods, I understand the importance of finding the right financing options for your dream home.  Building a custom home allows you to create a space tailored to your preferences, but it also brings challenges.

That's where the One-Time Close Construction-to-Permanent loan offers protection and flexibility throughout construction.  In this blog post, I will guide you through the benefits and features of this financing solution, designed to simplify your journey toward owning a custom home in Park City.

One-Time Close Construction-to-Permanent Loan:

A Seamless Path to Homeownership Building a custom home often involves navigating multiple loan processes and managing various fees.  However, with the One-Time Close Construction-to-Permanent loan, you can streamline the entire process into one closing and one set of fees.  This financing option provides a smooth transition from construction to permanent financing once your home is complete, eliminating the need for separate loans and additional paperwork.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Construction Period of Up to 24 Months: The One-Time Close Construction-to-Permanent loan allows you ample time to complete your home construction.  With a construction period of up to 24 months, you can focus on creating the perfect living space without the stress of a rushed timeline.
  2. Loan Amounts up to $10,000,000: Whether you're envisioning a cozy mountain retreat or a luxurious estate, this financing option offers loan amounts up to $10,000,000.  This ensures you have the necessary funds to bring your dream home to life.
  3. Interest-Only Payments During Construction: During construction, you only need to make interest-only payments on your loan.  This feature helps to alleviate the financial burden during the construction period, allowing you to manage your expenses more effectively.

Flexible Loan Terms:

The One-Time Close Construction-to-Permanent loan offers a range of loan terms to suit your specific needs.  Whether you prefer a 30-year fixed rate or an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) with terms like 10/1, 7/1, or 5/1, you can choose the option that aligns with your financial goals and preferences.
Financing for Renovations and Expansion Projects:

In addition to new construction financing, this loan option provides opportunities for renovations and expansion projects.  Suppose you own a property in Park City or the surrounding areas and want to enhance or expand your home.  In that case, the One-Time Close Construction-to-Permanent loan can be a viable solution.  It offers the flexibility to finance your renovation or expansion projects, ensuring that you can create the ideal living space without having to relocate.

Trusted Partnerships for Seamless Custom Home Financing

At The Carlson Real Estate Team, we understand that securing the right financing for your custom home is crucial.  That's why we have established strong relationships with reputable banks and mortgage brokers in the Park City area.

We are happy to leverage our extensive network to refer you to trusted professionals specializing in One-Time Close Construction-to-Permanent loans and other financing options.  These experts deeply understand mortgage financing in the local market and can guide you through the process, ensuring you receive personalized assistance tailored to your unique financial situation.  Rest assured; we work closely with these professionals to ensure a seamless experience for our clients, helping you find the best financing solution that aligns with your needs and goals.

Where to Build a New Home in Park City, Utah: Exploring the Ideal Locations

When building a new home in Park City, Utah, it's essential to consider the location where you envision your dream home carefully.

One popular choice for many homebuilders is within the golf course communities of Park City.  These communities offer stunning natural landscapes, upscale amenities, and access to world-class golfing experiences.  We have dedicated a page on our website to showcase their exceptional opportunities.

However, Park City and Deer Valley have many options beyond golf course living.  You'll find numerous parcels of land for sale throughout the area, each with unique charm and potential.  Whether you desire a serene mountain retreat or a location close to bustling recreational activities, our team can guide you through the diverse options available to help you find the perfect spot to build your new home in Park City, Utah.

Choosing the right location is vital when building a new home.  Factors such as proximity to amenities, scenic views, and the surrounding environment are significant in creating your ideal living space.  As seasoned experts in the Park City real estate market, we are well-equipped to provide valuable insights and guidance in finding the ideal location for your new home.


When financing the construction of a custom home in Park City, the One-Time Close Construction-to-Permanent loan is an excellent option for financially savvy home buyers and sellers.  With its seamless transition from construction to permanent financing, extended construction periods, flexible loan terms, and financing options for renovations and expansions, this loan product provides the tools you need to bring your dream home to life.

As experienced Realtors in Park City, we are here to assist you every step of the way, from finding the perfect lot to securing the right financing for your custom home.  Contact us today to explore how this financing solution can help you achieve your homeownership goals in Park City and its surrounding areas.

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Disclaimer: We are not a mortgage broker or banker, and the information provided in this blog post is not intended as an offer for any mortgage or financing services.  The content is for informational purposes only.  We strongly recommend consulting with a professional mortgage company or lender to discuss your specific financing needs and options.  We are happy to provide referrals to trusted mortgage professionals who can assist you in financing your new construction project.

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