Who Called from the phone number (435) 200-5478

Posted by Derrik Carlson on Wednesday, October 4th, 2017 at 1:54pm

Who Called from the phone number (435) 200-5478

Do you keep getting calls from (435) 200-5478? Well, if so, it’s me calling you. You signed up on my website regarding real estate in the Park City area. I have a plan set up to ensure I contact everyone who registers (I know that registration button is annoying and it forces you to give your email and phone number but it gives me the highest probability of contacting you and helping you to buy or sell real estate in the Park City area) to make sure they are on the Goldilocks schedule of follow-up. Not so much you’ll get annoyed but enough that it’s a quick email or a 20-second phone call to remind you that if you need anything I’m here for you when you’re ready. I never want a client to think I’m one of those agents that never returns a call and never picks up the phone. I do my best to get in touch with you to discuss what your plan is for Park City real estate, if you need any information on the market or properties, and to see how I can be of service. 

Here are the top reasons people sign up for one of my websites such as www.RealEstateInParkCity.com

1. "I'm Just looking": someone was just looking around at real estate and maybe one day will buy a property in the Park City area but they don't' want to be bugged or hassled by a "sales-guy".  Well that's fine by me but I still want to talk so I can set you up to receive newly listed property from all real estate brokers in Park City area and get your weekly or monthly updates - it's your choice. I have had people tell me this and we were writing offers within two weeks. 

2. "I'm interviewing Agents": Great I'm glad you are interviewing agents so I can show where I shine and outperform the competition. By the third time I call on a regular schedule you know I'm not just another agent that waits for their phone to ring. You'll understand I'm looking for homes not on the market yet, sellers looking to sell to send to my database of 1,500 real buyers and sellers, or maybe you're a buyer and now you understand that I'm always searching for new properties for you. My wife might call me a little bit of a workaholic but I'm actually building a referral business that you want to tell people about because you had a great experience buying property with me. 

3. "I'm coming to Park City XX-XX-XXXX date and I want to see property.": This type of person tends to be my best type of client from my website. If this is you, it means you most likely have been to Park City before, you might have previewed property previously but possibly the agent you worked with didn't follow up. By having a few weeks or months to plan your trip I'm able to help you better understand the real estate market about homes or condos. It gives me time to prepare information and paperwork to be able to provide the best showing experience while looking at properties to buy and it allows us to have the time to establish a relationship of trust. 

4. “I’ve been looking at your website for a few months, I’m sorry I didn’t give you my phone number, and I’m in town and I want to see this specific property in 35 minutes.” This is the hardest call or email to be ready for and I tend to get this mostly around the busiest times of year so there’s possibility of owners having family in town for Christmas, a condo is rented during Sundance, or I just can’t get in touch with the other agent in time to show you the property. This might sound crazy but to provide the best showing experience I have found it takes me about an hour of prep time to get your buyer packet in order for every home shown. I can and will show homes on-the-fly but it’s best if we can provide the owners a 24-hour heads up.

Timing is Everything: While writing this post I received this email from a lead that signed up on www.RealEstateInParkCity.com yesterday.

“Hi Derrik,

Thanks for reaching out. My husband and I just visited park city for vacation and absolutely loved it! We are from Louisiana, and lightly contemplated moving to Utah once we got home because we had such a blast. Decided to look at housing to get a feel for the price of living, no real interest at this point. If we did move it would be at least a year or two down the road. So at this point, we are just casually looking, but I appreciate you contacting us.

Have a great day,


My reply to Lindsay was very simple letting her know I actually turned down the frequency she would be getting updates about Park City – I don’t want to bombard her with emails and call so she unsubscribes – I’ll touch base with her from time to time which in this case will be in three months to see if she needs anything and I asked her to please let me know if she needs anything along the way.

It’s simple – I try to treat the buyers and sellers I work with the way I would want to be treated. I want to be updated on new listings and what’s going on in the market but I don’t want to be emailed three times a day saying, “BUY NOW – BUY NOW – BUY NOW!” This isn’t a sales letter for someone to try to steal my style – they can try but I’ve found very few agents will work as hard as me to make sure a potential client is contacted – but it is trying to reach people that search online the phone number that keeps calling (435) 200-5478. I’m just a normal guy with a beautiful wife, two smarter than average kids, a golden retriever. I work hard trying to reach people who have signed up for my websites. I try to make sure every buyer or seller has an amazing experience no matter if we are dealing with land, condos, single-family homes, or luxury properties.

If there is anything I can do for you or if you just want the three calls a week to be once every three months give me a call back at (435) 200-5478.


Derrik Carlson


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