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Back in 2015 I wrote a blog about the "What Size of Home Can I Build in Promontory?" and almost three years later I wanted to do a review to see if there had been any updates. Promontory has clarified the design guidelines and Item 4.1 is now much more detailed. You'll see now that there are requirements if you would like to build a home over 8,000 square feet.

Section 4.2 goes into the possibility of Prefabricated Buildings states all homes and buildings must be built on-site. Section 4.3 discusses the Height and Massing of Structures and so on. I have highlighted some of the most important aspects of the building size regulation in Promontory below but one important thing to note is that these guidelines are so detailed it's often easier to use a local Park City architect that is familiar with the rules, regulations, and correct building materials to design your property. 

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Building Guidelines for Promontory

"4.1 Building Size

The goal of all Owners, Architects, and Builders who are designing and constructing homes within Promontory should be to create the highest quality homes within the smallest possible volume, without depriving Owners of a legitimate need for space. The natural landforms which are currently dominant at Promontory should remain that way. The existing quiet mountain repose and natural harmony so unique to Promontory can only be maintained if all constructed homes, improvements, and landscaping remains subservient to and naturally blends into existing landforms and landscape.

Under this philosophy, Promontory imposes a maximum home size to ensure that a proper balance of Open Space and native land always remains within the Community. The County’s zoning requirements have designated (as noted on the applicable Recorded Subdivision Plats) certain Lots within Promontory as Estate (Base Density) Lots which require custom homes to have a minimum building size of 3,500 square feet of Enclosed Livable Space. If not designated as such, then custom residences in Promontory shall have a minimum of 2,500 square feet of Enclosed Livable Space, unless otherwise indicated on the applicable Recorded Subdivision Plat. Within the villages of West View and on other Plats where indicated, certain lots which are less than one (1) acre in size will be designated as Incentive Density Lots and will be subject to a lower maximum size limits (for example 4,000 square feet of Enclosed Livable Space in West View) with the exception that Incentive Density Lots within Wapiti Canyon, West Hills & Deer Crossing will be subject to a maximum size limit of 8,000 square feet of Enclosed Livable Space. Other Subdivision Plats may indicate some or all Incentive Density Lots as having maximum and minimum Enclosed Livable Space limitations which are greater than 4,000 square feet and 2,500 square feet, respectively (i.e. 8,000 maximum and 3,500 minimums, etc.) All residences on Estate (Base Density) Lots and on Incentive Density Lots of one (1) acre or larger in size have a maximum size limitation of 8,000 square feet of Enclosed Livable Space.

All Owners shall be responsible for adhering to all square footage limitations required by these Guidelines and all applicable Governing Documents, and/or the applicable Recorded Plat.

Should an Owner wish to build a home that exceeds 8,000 square feet on an Estate (Base Density) Lot or on an Incentive Density Lot which is at least one (1) acre in size, such Owner may only do so by purchasing an adjacent Estate (Base Density) Lot or an adjacent Incentive Density Lot which is at least one (1) acre in size and combining both Homesites into one. If this occurs, the proposed consolidated building envelope shall be established by Committee and shall be subject to approval by the 31 | JULY 2018 Committee, the Board, and the County (where County approval is applicable). In cases where the newly proposed building envelope crosses the Recorded Lot line between the two (2) Lots, additional approvals from the County may be required. For every added Estate (Base Density) Lot and for every added Incentive Density Lot which is at least one (1) acre in size, 4,000 square feet may be added to the 8,000-square-foot maximum size for the total Enclosed Livable Space of the home. ..." (  The link is still updated as of 5/27/2020. 

 If you're considering building in Promontory I have several architects and builders you can speak with about building the right type of home for you.

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