Discover Fawngrove: A Serene Retreat at Deer Valley Resort

Welcome to Fawngrove, an enchanting 50-unit development in the heart of Park City's Lower Deer Valley MLS area.  Built in the early 1980s, Fawngrove offers a serene retreat for those seeking a perfect blend of nature and luxury.  Here at The Carlson Real Estate Team, we are delighted to present an exclusive collection of properties in this coveted community.


A Glimpse of Fawngrove

Fawngrove's tree-lined streets and well-manicured landscapes create a charming atmosphere that beckons you to call it home.  This desirable neighborhood is just minutes from Deer Valley Resort, making it a haven for ski enthusiasts.  Additionally, Fawngrove's prime location is within a short five-minute drive to Downtown Park City, where you can experience the city's vibrant cultural scene, dining, and shopping.  Conveniently located on the Park City bus route, residents enjoy easy access to all the area's attractions.

Exquisite Properties

Within Fawngrove, you'll find an array of Deer Valley condos featuring two to three bedrooms and two to three bathrooms.  Ranging from 1,200 square feet to 2,600 square feet, these properties exude sophistication and comfort.  It's important to remember that square footage from tax records or MLS data may differ from actual measurements, and our team will ensure that you have accurate information during the buying process.

Our detailed property listings provide comprehensive information about each home, including floor plans and high-resolution images.  Whether you seek a peaceful family residence or a vacation getaway, you will find your dream property in Fawngrove.

The Fawngrove Lifestyle

Beyond its charming properties, Fawngrove offers residents a laid-back yet vibrant lifestyle.  Immerse yourself in the beauty of all four seasons, whether skiing the slopes in winter, hiking through colorful trails in fall, or enjoying warm evenings on your patio during summer.  The neighborhood's proximity to Park City's main attractions, shopping centers, and dining spots means you're never far from entertainment and conveniences.

Your Fawngrove Journey Begins Here

Are you ready to journey to find your perfect Fawngrove property?  Reach out to our experienced real estate team by using our contact page.  We are dedicated to making your home-buying experience seamless and enjoyable.  Let us be your guide to discovering the enchanting allure of Fawngrove in Park City, Utah.


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