Lower Deer Valley Condo Information and Listings

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Lower Deer Valley is a sub-area within the Deer Valley Resort Area. The area provides easy access to skiing at Deer Valley and butts up to the Old Town area.

The Deer Valley area begins about a mile past the roundabout on Deer Valley Drive when you're coming up from Old Town. The first condo you'll find when you enter Lower Deer Valley is Stonebridge. Condominiums tend to be centered around the small ponds used for snowmaking in the winter.

What Lower Deer Valley Condos Have Ski Access?

The subdivisions within Lower Deer Valley that provide the best ski access are Black Diamond Lodge, located at 2280 E Deer Valley Drive, Pine Inn at 2100 S Deer Valley Drive, and the St. Regis Snow Park condominiums, built in 2020.

What Are the Smallest and Largest Condos in Lower Deer Valley?

The smallest condominiums in Lower Deer Valley tend to be in Courchevel and can be as small as 800 to 900 square feet. The largest condos are a little more sporadic and can be found at Lakeside, La Maconnerie, Black Diamond Lodge, and Chateau Fawngrove. The more significant properties all range from 4,000 to nearly 4,800 square feet.

What Other Areas of Park City to Consider if I'm looking to Buy a Lower Deer Valley Condo?

Lower Deer Valley offers a quiet setting and a location that makes it easy to get to everything else in Park City. In addition, the local bus route runs right past most of the condos here.

Suppose you're wondering what other areas to consider in Park City & Deer Valley. I'd suggest searching all of the Deer Valley condos for sale. Old Town condominiums rent a bit less seasonally, and The Canyons Village condos may offer a few more affordable options.

Summertime in Lower Deer Valley

While Deer Valley condos are known for their fun wintertime, I believe the summertime should be discussed more frequently. I have worked with buyers that are very familiar with Park City and have chosen to live in Lower Deer Valley because of the summertime. However, they don't spend the winters here or rent their condo on a short-term or long-term basis.  

They chose this area of Deer Valley because it is quiet and peaceful. In the summer, they take bike rides in the mountains or enjoy the hiking trails for walks with their dog. Lower Deer Valley indeed lends itself to some of the best year-round living. They run over to the Deer Valley Cafe for a light lunch and enjoy wine on the back patio in the evening. 

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