Deer Crest Land for Sale

Land for sale in Deer Crest will allow you to build a magnificent ski-in-ski-out home in Deer Valley. Deer Crest is a gated ski-in-ski-out luxury community within the Park City Resort Area. There are usually several vacant lots for you to choose from, but if you aren't satisfied with the listings below, contact me to discuss helping you find some off-market gems.

If you are considering building a home in Deer Crest? Check out my page on Park City Home Builder Services for Buyers

Things to Consider Before Buying Land to Build a Home on in Deer Crest

  1. Location is significant within Deer Crest.
  2. Views:  Deer Crest offers several different view corridors, and you'll want to make sure you pick what's right for you!
  3. The Mayflower Development: Try to picture what the development of Mayflower will do to the area and if having another ski resort a mile down the road is okay with you. 
  4. Uphill or Downhill Build:  Would you prefer your home to sit on the uphill or downhill side of the road? 
  5. Setback Requirements: Minimum Setbacks for Single-Family - Front Lot Line: 20 feet; Rear Lot Line: 30 Feet; Side Lot Line: 10 Feet; Distance from Road Centerline: 45 Feet.
  6. Design Guidelines and CC&R's: We are highly encouraged to review the design guidelines before deicing to build a new ski home.  

Approved Building Materials for Building a Home in Deer Crest

Exterior Walls & Surface Materials

Walls should be limited to three different materials from the list below. Those three materials will be subject to review for compatibility and approval by the DRC. Lower wall surfaces should be built of or finished with a hard surface durable material for wall protection from climatic conditions and an aesthetic base to the architecture. The following materials are allowed:

  • Stonemasonry
  • Wood
  • Plaster / Stucco

Upper wall surfaces should be a durable material that creates a rural sense of scale and warmth. Recommended materials include:

  • Wood board and batten
  • Horizontal wood siding
  • Plaster / Stucco finishes
  • Stonemasonry

Contact me if you would like a copy of the Deer Crest Design Guidelines.   

Deer Crest Lots for Sale