Discover the Serenity of Ameyalli Resort and Residences

Nestled in the heart of Utah's majestic Wasatch Back, Ameyalli Resort and Residences offers an unparalleled blend of luxury, tranquility, and natural beauty. This exclusive development is the epitome of sophisticated living in one of the most serene landscapes in North America.


New Construction Design and Development

Embracing Nature

Ameyalli is not just a residence; it's a dialogue with the environment. Each aspect of the community is crafted to echo the contours of the landscape, ensuring that the line between indoors and outdoors is effortlessly blurred. The residences reflect the harmony of natural materials and modern design, providing an abode that is both luxurious and comforting.

Luxury Living

From the elegant interiors to the expansive views, every detail at Ameyalli Resort and Residences is curated to cater to the most discerning tastes. The development offers a range of amenities designed to pamper residents, including a state-of-the-art Wellbeing Center in collaboration with Deepak Chopra, promising an oasis of health and wellness.

The Great Outdoors

A Year-Round Paradise

Whether cloaked in the winter's crystalline snow or basking in the summer's lush greenery, the Wasatch Back is an outdoor enthusiast's dream. Ameyalli provides direct access to world-class ski resorts, pristine golf courses, and an array of hiking and biking trails that meander through the stunning mountainous terrain.

Adventure at Your Doorstep

Engage in exhilarating activities such as skiing, snowboarding, fishing, and water sports—all within a stone's throw from your residence. The changing seasons bring new adventures, ensuring that life at Ameyalli is never short of excitement and exploration.

Culture and Community

Vibrant Local Scene

Beyond the adrenaline-pumping adventures, the area is a cultural hub with festivals, art galleries, and historic sites that enrich the soul. From the renowned Swiss Days to the local farmers' markets, there's a thriving community spirit that celebrates the arts, history, and the great outdoors.

Health and Harmony

The Wellbeing Center at Ameyalli offers programs emphasizing balance, health, and tranquility. It's a community that not only cherishes luxury but also cultivates well-being, offering a sanctuary for those seeking a holistic lifestyle.

Why Choose Ameyalli Resort and Residences?

Exclusive Retreat

With its limited number of residences and private setting, Ameyalli promises a serene and exclusive escape from the bustle of everyday life.  The community values quiet enjoyment and privacy, providing a unique opportunity to own a slice of this tranquil paradise.

An Investment in Lifestyle

Ameyalli is more than a home—it's an investment in a lifestyle that cherishes the wonders of nature without sacrificing luxury.  Owners benefit from the flexible ownership model, with the option to spend several weeks a year in their home or exchange stays worldwide.

Commitment to Sustainability

For those passionate about environmental stewardship, Ameyalli's dedication to preserving the natural landscape and promoting sustainable living aligns with the ethos of conservation and respect for nature.

Accessibility and Convenience

The resort's proximity to the Salt Lake City International Airport and the private airport in Heber, Utah, provides unparalleled convenience for travelers. Whether flying commercial or arriving on a private jet, your journey to this mountain retreat is seamless and efficient.  It’s a getaway that’s easy to reach yet feels a world apart from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The Promise of Growth

Owning property in the up-and-coming Wasatch Back region is a strategic investment. As the area grows in popularity, the potential for property appreciation and the opportunity to be part of a luxury community is a savvy choice for buyers.

In Conclusion

Choosing Ameyalli Resort and Residences means choosing a life of elegance, adventure, and peace. It's a place where every season brings its magic, and every day ends with the comfort of knowing you're part of a community that values the beauty of the natural world as much as you do. This is not just a home; it's a retreat for the soul.

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