Midway Home Values

Midway Home Values

What's My Midway Home or Condo Worth?

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When determining Midway home values it is vital that you are provided with an up to date analysis of relevant properties.  A "Relevant Property Analysis" is a more in-depth look at what other brokers call a "Comparative Market Analysis" or a "CMA." The recent appreciation of Midway homes, land, and condos can make it challenging to pinpoint an exact price at which a property will sell quickly.  My goal is to balance your timeline with you receiving top dollar for your property.  

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I often hear from condo, home, and luxury owners that are curious about a realistic price range for which their home may be sold.  I offer a FREE professional consultation that determines the fair market value of your property in or around Midway.

Online value estimators may have their place to help determine the value of a home in a city where all homes are made from the same materials and all views are similar, but they are often highly inaccurate.  Here in Midway, the views, quality of construction, ski access, school district, location desirability, and much more can change just by entering a gate or crossing a street.  There are simply too many factors that an online tool CANNOT calculate.  Another reason you need a professional to dig in and get the data of what the properties have sold in your neighborhood is because Utah is a non-disclosure state where home sale prices are never public knowledge. 

In current market conditions, a "show ready" home or condo will sell quicker than a fixer-upper with potential of equity for the next home owner.  If you are thinking about upgrades or remodels call me and I'll let you know if you will likely recapture your money and if the upgrades are in style which will help sell your home more quickly.  

Midway Single Family Homes in the Past 365 Days | Market Update

- 233 total single family homes for sale
- 45 Midway homes currently for sale
- 110 Midway homes have sold in the past year
- 40 homes did not sell
- 7 homes are currently in escrow 
- 31 were taken off the market before they sold or expired
- Average Midway Home Price is $538,370 
- The median home price is $447,000
- It took an average of 85 days for the home to sell
- Four homes over $1,000,000 sold
- No homes sold in the $900,000-$1 Million sold
- Ten homes sold in $800,000's
- Four homes sold in the $700,000's
- Eleven homes sold in the $600,000's
- Twenty-three homes sold in the $500,000's
- Twenty-nine homes sold in the $400,000's
- Eighteen homes sold in the $300,000's
- Six homes sold in the