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Posted by Derrik Carlson on Friday, October 30th, 2015 at 10:23am

I recently had a client ask me "Derrik can we go look at this property and what is the smallest home I can build in Promontory?"  I did a bit of research and I've outlined Section 4.1 Building size for Promontory's Design Guidelines (By the time you read this the guidelines could have changed so make sure you have the most recent information).  It's best to make sure you check the most recent subdivision guidelines in every neighborhood you are considering before you begin going out to preview at properties.  

"Section 4.1 Building Size:  The County’s zoning requirements have designated (as noted on the applicable Recorded Subdivision Plats) certain Lots within Promontory as Estate Lots which require custom homes to have a minimum building size of 3,500 square feet of Enclosed Livable Space. If not designated as such, then custom residences in Promontory shall have a minimum of 2,500 square feet of Enclosed Livable Space. Within the villages of West View and on other Plats where indicated, certain lots which are less than one (1) acre in size will be designated as Incentive Density Lots and will be subject to a maximum size limit of 4,000 square feet of Enclosed Livable Space. All residences on Estate Lots and on Incentive Density Lots of one (1) acre or larger in size have a maximum size requirement of 8,000 square feet of Enclosed Livable Space."

Source: http://www.promontoryclub.com/pdf/Final_Design_Guidelines_June_2008.pdf

If you are curious as to building costs in Promontory please contact me and I can put you in contact with a Park City luxury builder.  

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