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To view the PDF Version Click Here.   HEALTHY MARKET CONTINUES Healthy, Stable, and Growing at Sustainable Rates The number of single-family market transactions and the median sales price both grew by 7% respectively over the past year. The bulk of these sales occurred outside the Park City Limits as buyers searched for properties that fit their lifestyle and budget. The condominium market transactions and median sales price both grew by 10% over the past year. These sales were spread more evenly across the Summit and Wasatch markets.   Statistics from the seasonally adjusted purchase-only index (2016 Q3 - 2017 Q3) show that prices are up substantially in many markets, with many western states faring especially well. Here in Utah, we had a…
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Who Called from the phone number (435) 200-5478

Do you keep getting calls from (435) 200-5478? Well, if so, it’s me calling you. You signed up on my website regarding real estate in the Park City area. I have a plan set up to ensure I contact everyone who registers (I know that registration button is annoying and it forces you to give your email and phone number but it gives me the highest probability of contacting you and helping you to buy or sell real estate in the Park City area) to make sure they are on the Goldilocks schedule of follow-up. Not so much you’ll get annoyed but enough that it’s a quick email or a 20-second phone call to remind you that if you need anything I’m here for you when you’re ready. I never want a client to think I’m one of

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I have added a toll-free phone number so you can contact me easily from the main page of If you are interested in buying or selling real estate in Park City you can reach Derrik Carlson at 833-Ski-Home. It's as easy as dialing (833) 754-4663 on your phone or clicking the image above if you've already clicked read full post on the blog. As always, you can also reach me, Derrik Carlson, on my cell phone at 435-200-LIST | (435) 200-5478. 

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In the past week, I have overheard three different discussions about capital gains when you someone is selling their Park City home. Capital gains on the sale of a primary residence is often a misunderstood and because I'm not a CPA, tax advisor, etc I must say it's best to consult a licensed professional regarding any proceeds when selling a property. 

Here's what the IRS has to say about the sale of your home: "If you have a capital gain from the sale of your main home, you may qualify to exclude up to $250,000 of that gain from your income. You may qualify to exclude up to $500,000 of that gain if you file a joint return with your spouse. Publication 523, Selling Your Home, provides rules and worksheets. Topic 409 covers general capital gain and

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If you're looking for a four-bedroom home for sale in Park City, Utah you've come to the right place. My website is instantly updated from the MLS and shows all listing from all brokers - so if it's for sale you'll be able to see it. If the home is already spoken for or already sold it will not populate in any search. I only want to show you what's available and we can gather historical data once you narrow it down to a few choices. 

Here's your link ---> Four Bedroom Homes for Sale in Park City, Utah


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Click Here to Search All Park City Area Homes, Condos, & Land

Click Here to Search All Park City Area Homes, Condos, & Land

MARKET APPRECIATION STABILIZES Overall Appreciation Healthy 8.3% For the first time in many months, annual appreciation has dipped below double digits, signifying a possible return to a more balanced market. Even with this drop, Utah and the Park City area remain one of the most robust markets in the nation. © Brent Haddock LOOK FOR OUR FALL EVENTS NEWSLETTER COMING SOON! Due to the uniqueness of our market area and the varying degree property types, neighborhood characteristics, and inventory levels, I encourage you to call me for specific data relative to your housing needs or interest. With inventory levels so low, this…
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Midway Utah Homes for Sale 

Midway Single Family Homes in the Past 365 Days | Market Update

- 233 total single family homes for sale
- 45 Midway homes currently for sale
- 110 Midway homes have sold in the past year
- 40 homes did not sell
- 7 homes are currently in escrow
- 31 were taken off the market before they sold or expired
- Average Midway Home Price is $538,370
- The median home price is $447,000
- It took an average of 85 days for the home to sell
- Four homes over $1,000,000 sold
- No homes sold in the $900,000-$1 Million sold
- Ten homes sold in $800,000's
- Four homes sold in the $700,000's
- Eleven homes sold in the $600,000's
- Twenty-three homes sold in the $500,000's
- Twenty-nine homes sold in the $400,000's
- Eighteen homes sold in the $300,000's
- Six homes sold in the

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